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Hive fidelity

Beekeeper Allan Jefferson by Tessa BunneyBeekeeper Allan Jefferson by Tessa Bunney

There's nothing quite like heather honey, including its unique texture: jelly-like until stirred, whereupon it becomes syrupy. It always seems faintly miraculous that you can taste the smell of the heather flowers in it. And beekeeping has probably never been so popular.

Honey bee on heather Credit Tammy AndrewsToday more local beekeepers than ever are helping to stem the decline of the bee. Hives are springing up all over the North York Moors. It's the ideal time to support our moorland beekeepers by buying and eating local honey. 

Our beekeepers claimed 2016 was one of the best years for honey in 50 years, plus the North York Moors is home to the UK's best heather honey! 

Westfields Honey Farm, based at Fadmoor, received top spot for their heather honey in jars and also in comb at the National Honey Show 2016 followed by Champion Awards Best Light Honey, Best Jars of Ling Heather Honey and Best Frame of Honey in 2017. 

Setting the 'gold standard' for honey in the UK, the show is the toughest test for British honey producers and is an international competition as well. 

And now, if you’ll excuse us, we think a little trip to one of our many local farm shops and delis or another local beekeeper is in order to pick up a jar or two.