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Rob Moore (Geocache Arts Trail)

Fossil by Rob MooreFossil by Rob Moore

Geocache Arts Trail - Linocut Print Artists

Rob Moore (Fossil)

After studying at Sheffield College of Art, Rob spent much of his life balancing painting and lecturing in various art schools around the country, finishing as Dean of Hull School of Art and Design a few years ago to become a full-time artist making paintings and fine art prints. Rob also founded Studio Eleven Gallery and printmaking workshops in Hull where he curated exhibitions and organised printmaking sessions for the public and artists.

Rob’s lifelong love affair with painting continues and his work can be seen from time to time in mixed and one person shows, mainly in northern galleries. Two books illustrate his work up until 2017. ‘Landmarks’ includes lovely and insightful essays by other artists about his work and ‘Living Landscape’ is testament to a touring exhibition put together by Rob including his own work alongside that of five other interesting painters. The eminent Lynne Green provides a thoughtful essay in the book.

Rob now lives in Scarborough where, with his partner the painter Wendy Tate, he has established studios and printmaking workshops. He continues to give public talks about his own work and that of others and is passionate about the importance of creativity both socially and economically.

Rob’s work continues to be influenced by landscape, is abstract, but is inspired by places that he draws and walks, with suggestions about his concerns of how we humans are impacting upon the environment and planet. The work, often beautiful and well crafted, contains references to such things as climate change for those who look keenly at the images.