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Moorland by Peter HeatonMoorland by Peter Heaton

Previous exhibitions 2021


Saturday 8 May – Monday 7 June
We are all marked by – and make a mark on – our landscapes. York Printmakers celebrate their passion for print by exploring how the North York Moors impinges upon our hearts and minds.  Their work is at once dramatic, wild and extraordinary – just like the landscapes that inspire it.


Changing Places

Saturday 8 May – Monday 7 June
David Mercer combines layers of images, textures, photographs and drawings, reflecting the constantly changing and renewing scenery and landscape of the moors and coast.

Changing Places

Paintings From Wild Places

Saturday 12 June – Sunday 18 July
Over a lifetime of work, in some of the most challenging environments, landscape painter Len Tabner has shone a light onto the often uneasy relationship between man and nature. This major solo exhibition explores both the power of the sea and the impact of industry on the spectacular landscapes of the north.

Paintings from Wild Places

Wood Life

Saturday 24 July – Monday 30 August
Our major summer exhibition is a special celebration of the importance of woodland and wood life in all its guises, featuring watercolourist Peter Reynolds, contemporary artist Paul Green, fine metalwork artist and designer Marcus Steel, artist and sculptor Carolyn Smith, wire sculptor Chris Moss, printmaker Joe Barry and contemporary textile artist Amanda Cobbett.

Glenn Clarke

Beyond the Tree

Saturday 24 July – Monday 30 August
Anthony Ratcliffe’s woodcut prints often interpret the existence of the lone tree in challenging environments. In new work, he looks at the seasonal lifecycle of trees, exploring how they play an integral part in the identity of our northern landscapes.

Remembrance Day on Stoupe Brow by Anthony Ratcliffe cropped

Responses to Nature

Saturday 4 September – Monday 4 October
Lynne Porter’s expressive use of bold colour in her paintings, and Jacqui Riding’s mixed-media layerings, both capture the energy of the landscape and a sense of place. Jenny Morten creates beautiful ceramic vessels that demonstrate the power of natural forces.

Lynne Porter

Felt and Form

Saturday 4 September – Monday 4 October
Margaret Chalmers uses fleeces sourced from the North York Moors and Yorkshire Dales to create vibrant felts with different textures, colours and purposes.

Margaret Chalmers

Reflections on Landscape

Saturday 9 October – Monday 8 November
An exhibition of work by artists Peter Hicks and Beverley Hicks, whose works reflect on a place without being beholden to its familiarities. For Peter, it is the Esk Valley, Doctor’s Wood and Crag Cliff Wood near Grosmont – the world of his childhood – that echoes throughout his paintings. Beverley‘s work takes a more abstract approach to place, and pays homage to her love of The North York Moors.

Landscape with Flowers by Peter Hicks

Brigantia’s Bounty

Saturday 13 November – Sunday 16 January 2022 (weekends only from 4 January)
Over the winter months, members of Brigantia, a group of talented art, craft and design workers, present a delightful selection of creative, innovative arts and crafts.


Adrian Wright - Artist in Residence

Saturday 13 November until Sunday 16 January 2022 (weekends only from 4 January)
We welcomed back acclaimed artist, Adrian Wright as our artist-in-residence. Adrian’s passion for painting was first sparked after he was given a £5 painting kit from a local supermarket. He has since gone on to become a renowned artist specialising in dramatic, panoramic oil paintings that capture the rawness and drama of the landscape. Adrian’s unique vision portray a visceral sense of power and highlight his strong affinity with natural world and the North York Moors.

Adrian Wright

Previous exhibitions 2019

Showcase Exhibition

16 February to 31 March 2019
An exhibition showing work from some of the most prestigious artists in the region who have shown in the gallery previously.

Dark Skies - Moon

16 February to 31 March 2019
A specially curated exhibition of 'Moonlight Scenes' to celebrate the Dark Skies Festival.

Rivers of Light

4 April to 6 May 
John Creighton's charcoal drawings, mixed-media works and oil paintings explore the drama and mystery of the North York Moors.

Pure Light, Bright Water

4 April to 6 May
Inspired by the purity and ephemeral nature of North Yorkshire's light, Sue Morton's paintings highlight our landscapes, both new and familiar.

109 Miles

11 May to 9 June
As part of the Cleveland Way National Trail's 50th anniversary celebrations artist-in-residence Debbie Loan focuses on six varied trail landscapes in works that incorporate found materials and minerals.

Cleveland Way in Miniature

11 May to 9 June
Small works of art inspired by the Cleveland Way. Pieces are unsigned, unframed and available for £25.

'The Lost Words'

15 June to 29 July
A collaborative project by award-winning author Robert Macfarlane and acclaimed artist Jackie Morris. In his extraordinary book 'The Lost Words', Robert Macfarlane creates acrostic spell-poems that focus on nature words which are fading from use, while Jackie Morris paints magical iridescent watercolours. The exhibition presents original artwork from 'The Lost Words', a new series of poems and illustrations, and sculptural work by Dave Cooke.

Landscapes of the Mind and Heart (Art Award Exhibition)

3 August to 2 September
Selected artists present their personal vision of the North York Moors in a wide-ranging exhibition supporting the National Park's inaugural Art Award. Expect an adventure in colour, space and texture by artists working in vibrantly different styles and genres.

'Our Land Our Sea'

3 August to 2 September
Fractal artist Vienna Forrester conveys the beauty and fragility of the National Park's landscapes and seascapes, including the newly created Marine Conservation Zone with its rarely seen plants, animals and ocean environment.

Andrea Bailey Retrospective: A Life Through Art

5 September to 16 October
Looking back at Andrea Bailey's art and life, through her sketchbooks, paintings, prints, sculpture and felt-making.

Drawn to the Moors

5 September to 16 October
Dennis Roddam creates wildlife images and views of our beautiful North York Moors by blending different mediums and techniques, with a focus on ceramics and mixed-media paintings.

Saving Turtle Doves

5 September to 16 October
Supporting the North Yorkshire Turtle Dove Project - works by top artists and photographers, including Alan Hunt, widely regarded as one of the best wildlife artists in the world, and Darren Woodhead. Two pieces by Alan Hunt will also be auctioned to raise funds for the project.

Fragile Enchantments

19 October to 12 November
Highlighting the landscape paintings of Wendy Tate and Rob Moore, together with ceramic works and jewellery by John Moore, Hannah Louise Lamb, Lucy Sylvester, Jill Ford, Clare Conrad and Theresa Taylor.


19 October to 12 November
Guest curator Rob Moore brings together some of the best printmakers in the UK, including Melvyn Peterson, Janet Cox, Linda Ingham, Henrietta Corbett and Cath Brooke.

Previous exhibitions 2018

Love in the Air

Sunday 11 February
A special Valentine’s event. Meet the exhibition artists, browse jewellery from selected makers, and enjoy free chocolates, a glass of wine and music by harpist Sarah Dean.

Dark Skies

Saturday 10 February - Monday 16 April
The year’s opening exhibition features a collection of outstanding artists from the region inspired by the dramatic skies of the North York Moors. Artists include: Len Tabner, Joe Cornish, Peter Hicks, Beveley Ann Hicks, Ian MacDonald, Kane Cunningham, Jo Barry, Kate Lycett, Rebecca Vincent, Jill Ray, Heather Burton, John Creighton, Robert Brindley, Andrew Broderick, Mike Shaw, John Freeman, Emma Stothard, Patrick Smith, Adrian Wright, Peter Heaton, David Owen and some pieces from Leeds Fine Arts and East Anglian Marine Artists and inkylinky.

Dark Skies - Inspired Jewellery

Saturday 10 February - Monday 16 April
Showcasing their lovingly designed wearable art are Jackie Selcraig and her amazing handcrafted jewellery, jeweller InkyLinky, whose work includes etched silver and copper, and Jenny Weston and her semi-precious stones.

Shoreside to Moorside

19 April to 21 May 
Pam Scott, Ian Nicholas, Sally Nicholas and Anthony Cox find diverse inspiration from the North York Moors. Each has a distinctly different style and point of view when putting paint to paper. The exhibition is complemented by a display of fused glass jewellery and sculpture.

From Coast to Country

19 April to 21 May 
Heather Burton’s palette knife paintings capture the changing moods and character of our landscape, from rugged coastlines and cliff-hugging villages to dramatic moors and hills.


19 April to 21 May 
Exploring the people, flora and fauna that inhabit this local landscape, Suzie Devey uses an array of printmaking techniques to reveal untold and unimaginable encounters. Playing with scale and proportion this exhibition surprises the audience with microscopic elements encountered as large-scale linocut prints and detailed story scrolls depicting incongruous moments from everyday life in the North York Moors.

Moor Impressions

24 May to 18 June 
The East Anglian Group of Marine Artists tours the North York Moors annually and has amassed an amazing body of work inspired by the area. There will also be a small framed postcard exhibition, one from each of their artists.

Hidden Landscapes

21 June to 16 July
Sandra Storey, Jane Carlisle Bellerby, France Payne and Fiona Mazza explore the relationships between objects, collections, landscape and memory, seen through diverse lenses and mediums. Hidden places of the North York Moors and of the mind underline connections between the natural world and emotional well-being. The exhibition includes a focus on walking, collecting and attachment to significant objects.

Northern Territories

21 June to 16 July 
Two Somerset artists, Sara Dudman and Jenny Graham, showcase their creative response to the North York Moors and coast in works inspired by the land and environment. They provide fresh eyes and a new perspective on what may be familiar sights to local residents.

Teesside University Inspired

19 July to 28 August
Exciting, innovative and engaging art work by Teesside University's multi-talented art students, inspired by the wonderful scenery, landscape and folklore of the North York Moors and Tees Valley.

Small Scale Collectables

19 July to 28 August
An exhibition of small pieces of work from some of the most successful artists of the 2017 ‘Art to Go’ exhibition. All pieces are framed and cost less than £50.

A Broad Canvas

19 July to 28 August
Artwave North, a diverse group of mixed-media artists based in Darlington, respond to the life, landscape and majesty of the North York Moors.

Fields and Furrows

31 August to 24 September
Printmaker Rebecca Vincent interprets the rural landscape as a colourful pattern of inter-connecting shapes. Using a wide variety of textures and intricate details, her hand-printed etchings convey a delight in the countryside.

Threading through the Moors

31 August to 24 September
Diverse Threads is a group of York-based artists with a passion for textiles. They each address the landscapes, colours & textures of the North York Moors in an individual way to produce a riot of colours.

Moors and Shorelines

31 August to 24 September
Mark Sofilas’s paintings are inspired by the idiosyncrasies of the northern English countryside, bringing to his work the perspective of someone who originates from a very different landscape.

Altered Images

31 August to 24 September
Local woodworker David Hannah creates unique decorative mirrors and furniture using a wide variety of British hardwoods, mainly sourced from North Yorkshire. David’s philosophy is that art and functionality can be combined to create truly special pieces of wooden art.

Forwards and Backwards

27 September to 16 October  
Cleveland Fibre Arts showcase their knowledge of traditional local crafts and textiles in a wide-ranging exhibition.

Earth, Sea and Sky

27 September to 16 October
Working in watercolour Jake Jones focuses on light and atmosphere to create pieces inspired by the constantly changing beauty of the North York Moors and coast.

Time and Place

20 October to 13 November
An exhibition by members of Leeds Fine Artists (one of the oldest regional arts bodies in the UK), showing a direct personal response to Yorkshire landscapes, especially the North York Moors – whether abstract, figurative or sensory.

Brigantia's Yorkshire ‘Hygge’

16 November to 20 January 2019
Find unusual gifts created by talented artists, artisans and craftworkers from around the region.

Previous exhibitions 2017

Past and Present

Sunday 12 February - Monday 13 March
Join us for a blockbuster show to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Inspired by... gallery. Alongside longstanding friends of the gallery, including William Tillyer, Len Tabner, Peter Hicks, John Freeman, Joe Cornish and glassmakers Gillies Jones, there's work by Norman Ackroyd CBE RA (courtesy of the Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk) as well as many other local and regional artists.

The Heart of the Landscape

Sunday 12 February - Monday 13 March
Jewellers Diane Higgins-Lee, Gracie j, Judith Gill and Angela Learoyd display their creative adornments as part of the gallery's 10th anniversary celebrations.

This Exploited Land of Iron

Saturday 18 March - Monday 10 April
Photographer and writer Ian Macdonald reflects upon the past industries of the North York Moors. The exhibition is a companion piece to a 5-year National Park project - This Exploited Land of Iron. A programme of events and activities associated with This Exploited Land of Iron will be running over the next five years.

Poetry and Myth

Thursday 13 April - Tuesday 2 May
Maggie Moore's paintings and lino cuts explore the role of animals and birds in mythology, religion, poetry and literature.

Field of Vision

Thursday 13 April - Tuesday 2 May
Sculptor David Mayne offers a response to the wild landscapes of his explorations - stunning woodland, beautiful hills and dramatic moorland.

Fusions of Light and Colour

Thursday 13 April - Tuesday 2 May
Keith Blessed's vibrant pastel paintings present a true fusion of light and colour - from storm- and wind-lashed moors to sun-drenched coast.

In Black and White

Friday 5 May - Tuesday 23 May
Printmaker Ian Burke brings us black and coloured relieft-print images on Japenses handmade paper - his graphic response to living by the coast in the National Park.

Prevailing Sense of Change

Friday 5 May - Tuesday 23 May
Underscored by historic memories of the northeast’s seafaring ports, Martin Fowler’s sketches and paintings record a changing way of life and work.


Friday 5 May - Tuesday 23 May
Michelle Freemantle presents a series of ceramics whose visual identity is inspired by the colours and markings in fields, tractor tracks, and fence and hedge boundaries.

Feather and Fur

Friday 5 May - Tuesday 23 May
Using pastels and acrylics, Diane Todd’s paintings feature texture and colour in wonderful detail, expressing her love of wildlife in the North York Moors and beyond.

Absolutely Buzzing

Friday 26 May – Monday 26 June
From a wearable wasp to a buzzing bouquet of bees, and from textile taxidermy bell-jars to millinery moths, designer and milliner Bridget Bailey explores the natural world in a textile spectacle – a fresh take on what is both beautiful and wearable.

Moor Stories

Thursday 29 June – Tuesday 25 July
Rich in beautiful landscapes, industrial heritage and iconic ruins, the North York Moors is also rich in stories, from the Battle of Byland to the legends surrounding Roseberry Topping. Ian Scott Massie has walked, sketched, written and painted his way across the moors, and the result is an inspiring collection of paintings and screen prints, and an accompanying book.

Impressions in Clay

Thursday 29 June – Tuesday 25 July
Katy O’Neil's contemporary ceramics and jewellery reflect the throw-away nature of modern life and how it affects the land. She uses found mechanical objects to impress marks on to the clay surface to form designs.

A Personal View

Thursday 29 June – Tuesday 25 July
Sue Ford presents a personal view of Yorkshire, in watercolour, pastel and mixed media.

Art to Go

Saturday 29 July – Monday 4 September
Local and regional creative talent come together to promote access to art for all. The exhibition features an outstanding array of affordable, portable (no larger than 10cm x 15cm) art, with each piece remaining anonymous until after purchase.

The Feel of Freedom

Saturday 29 July – Monday 4 September
A show by Penny Hunt about the little things that make up the landscape of freedom - the places where you feel the full force of wind and weather, and find some perspective on life.

Peter Hicks: A Retrospective

Saturday 9 September – Monday 16 October
A look back at the 60-year career of this most renowned of North York Moors artists, from his time at Leeds College of Art to the present day. Peter Hicks’ working life has been a search for identity through painting, with ‘landscape as metaphor’. The Esk Valley has played a major role in his development as an artist, where the magic of a hidden valley contributes toward shaping the way he expresses himself in painting. The valley is his home and also his visual home, rich with unending promise.


Thursday 19 October – Tuesday 14 November
Celebrate the landscape and wildlife of the North York Moors and its coast with featured photographers including Joe Cornish, Peter Leeming, Lucy Saggers, Steve Race, Robert Fuller, and John Clifton. Also on show in the gallery is sculptor David Cooke, who creates dynamic wildlife pieces in a variety of styles and media.

Moors Moments

Thursday 19 October – Tuesday 14 November
Based in Glaisdale, in the heart of the National Park, Adrian Wright paints with a limited palette of colours, typical of the moorland landscape, and depicts the moody and dramatic skies of the North York Moors and its coast.

Christmas Craft Fair

Saturday 18 November – Sunday 19 November
Celebrating the very best of local arts, country crafts and seasonal gifts, from jewellery and ceramics to artisan gins, scented soaps and handmade chocolates. There’s also a visit from Santa, traditional music and children’s craft-making activities.


Friday 17 November – Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Welcome to the annual showcase seasonal exhibition from the artists of Brigantia. They present a gorgeous selection of leatherwork, jewellery, textiles, ceramics, photography, prints and paintings – wintertime, seen through artists’ eyes.

Previous exhibitions 2016

Under Sheltering Skies

Saturday 13 February - Tuesday 15 March
Members of the Leven Art Society portray the beauty, character and industrial heritage of the local moors and coast.

Recurring Dreams

Saturday 13 February - Tuesday 15 March
Inspired by patterns in the natural world, the unique fractal art of Vienna Forrester shows the North York Moors in a fascinating series of landscapes and dreamscapes.

Jewellery from the Moors

Saturday 13 February - Tuesday 15 March
Selected jewellers display their work in the gallery.

Northern Expressions

Friday 18 March to Monday 11 April
Artists Barbara Renton Wood and Lynne Herkman, and ceramicist Kath Bonson, reflect upon the people, landscapes and cultural heritage of the region.

Nature in Detail

Friday 18 March to Monday 11 April
Andrew Hutchinson's highly detailed paintings shine a light on the farm life, wildlife and moorland environment of the North York Moors.

The Coastline Journey

Thursday 14 April to Tuesday 3 May
Artist Caroline Riley and photographer Paul Ingram present video, photography, oils, drawings and pastels, in a vivid account of a coastal journey form Teesside to Whitby.

From Land to Sea

Thursday 14 April to Tuesday 3 May
Bridget Wilkinson brings the coast alive with her paintings and 3D work, exploring both the smallest details and the widest landscapes.

Illusion is the First of All Pleasures

Friday 6 May to Monday 30 May
With an emphasis on light, movement and colour, Christine Pybus's oil paintings reveal many of her favourite subjects - billowing clouds, sparkling water and deep, crisp snow.

Flora in Abundance

Friday 6 May to Monday 30 May
Rosemary Abraham's floral paintings, landscapes and seascapes are inspired by the dramatic power of the North Sea and the simplicity of the countryside.

Hidden Depths

Thursday 2 June to Monday 27 June
Joy Green, Trish Shaw, Caroline Thompson and Gillian Elliott explore the traces of industrial archaeology, seeing how it has shaped the moors and coast - and how nature is claiming it back.

A Landscape of Elements

Thursday 2 June to Monday 27 June
Jonathan Middlemiss' paintings, ceramics and other objects reflect the spirit and wild landscapes of the Yorkshire uplands and high moors.

Catching the Light

Thursday 30 June to Tuesday 19 July
Observe the ever-changing effects of light on our natural forms, coastal scenes and moorland landscapes through Gail Hurst's and Sue Morton's paintings, and Emma Evett's glass sculptures and jewellery.


Thursday 30 June to Tuesday 19 July
The ancient roads and landscapes of the North York Moors, and the wild and unruly plants that flourish in the most unlikely places, are the sources of inspiration for ceramicist Charlotte Morrison and textile artist Agnis Smallwood.

Artisan Art Fair

Saturday 16 July and Sunday 17 July
Join us in the grounds of The Moors Centre for our first Artisan Art Fair, a celebration of North Yorkshire's creative artists and makers. Held in conjunction with Scarborough Arts Forum, it's an opportunity to browse and buy inspiring pieces of original art and meet the artists who created them.


Friday 22 July - Tuesday 9 August
A collective of artists and makers presents a creative response to the plight of the honey bee and other pollinators. Walk inside an enormous 3D print of 50,000 bees and learn how to connect with this vital ecological issue.

Colour in an Ancient Landscape

Friday 22 July - Tuesday 9 August
A collaborative exhibition in stained glass, textiles and other media, exploring the colours, textures and life of the moorland landscape - with Jo-Ann Eisenberg and Carol Sorhaindo.

Foray into Fibre

Friday 12 August – Sunday 4 September
Cleveland Fibre Arts textile group draws its inspiration from the countryside and coast of the North York Moors.

All Around Us

Friday 12 August – Sunday 4 September
Wildlife artist Coral Rose captures the energy and beauty of rural life, portraying traditional subjects in a contemporary style.

Natural Selection

Wednesday 7 September – Tuesday 27 September
Angela Chalmers, David Chalmers, Janine Baldwin and Lindsey Tyson interpret the beauty of the landscape through the diverse mediums of painting, photography, mixed media and textiles.

Presence and Absence

Wednesday 7 September – Tuesday 27 September
Inspired by the exhibits in Whitby Museum (where she was artist in residence), Sandra Storey explores the significance of local artefacts and personal objects.

The Northern Connection

Saturday 29 October – Tuesday 15 November
An exhibition by selected members of Leeds Fine Artists, showing a direct personal response to Yorkshire landscapes – whether abstract, figurative or sensory.

Abbeys and Landscapes

Saturday 29 October – Tuesday 15 November
Joy Lomas is inspired by the majestic beauty and spellbinding history of the abbeys of the North York Moors.

Artist Advent

Friday 18 November – Sunday 22 January 2017
Brigantia’s artists and craftworkers showcase the very best in painting, photography, textile, ceramics and jewellery.

Previous Exhibitions 2015

Of Our Place

Saturday 14 February – Monday 16 March
Artists Pamela Scott and Ian Nicholas, and sculptor Anthony Cox, find inspiration in the moors and coastal villages.

Love and Adornment

Saturday 14 February – Monday 16 March
Vienna Forrester, Rae Fineron and Rachel Lucie Johns bring us a beautiful selection of contemporary jewellery, inspired by nature, literature, culture and emotion.

A Wondering Presence

Saturday 14 February – Monday 16 March
Visual artist Wendy Tate embarks on a poetic exploration of the National Park, through her painting, printmaking, poetry, ceramics and photography.

Nature and the Environment

Thursday 19 March – Tuesday 14 April
Artists James McGairy and Peter Reynolds, and sculptor Darrell Evanes, reflect how landscape and the environment interconnect.

A Fascination with Fauna

Thursday 19 March – Tuesday 14 April
Artist and printmaker Emerson Mayes is fascinated by the wildlife found in the North York Moors and beyond.

All Creations Great and Small

Friday 17 April – Monday 4 May
Artists Robert Dutton, Helen Patterson and Jo Garlick, and sculptor Stef Ottevanger interpret the National Park’s wildlife and living landscape.

Imperfect Harmony

Friday 17 April – Monday 4 May
Rene Viner’s paintings and hand-built ceramics reflect the Japanese aesthetic of ‘Wabi-sabi’ – the beauty of imperfect harmony.

Connections North: Mirror Images

Saturday 9 May – Monday 15 June
As part of an innovative and ambitious printmaking project, the Inspired by... gallery presents new and original printmaking by forty artists from four countries, including ten artists from York and North Yorkshire.

28 Days of Looking

Saturday 9 May – Monday 15 June
Scottish artist Jenny McLaren spent four weeks in the North York Moors in autumn 2014, as ‘artist in residence’ for Connections North – her paintings and artist’s books are her visual diary of that period.

Above and Below

Thursday 18 June – Monday 6 July 
Award-winning wildlife photographers Steve Race and George Stoyle join forces to depict the incredible wildlife of the Yorkshire coast, as seen from both above and below.

Moors and Shores

Thursday 18 June – Monday 6 July
Dean Regan’s oil paintings are the result of years of creative passion for the North York Moors and coast.

Fired Drawn Painted

Thursday 9 July –Tuesday 28 July
Multi-media artists Brian and Sally Tozer and Kezy Feaster draw inspiration from the changing landscapes of the North York Moors, as well its people, customs and folklore.

Purple Heather to Shingle Beach

Thursday 9 July –Tuesday 28 July
For landscape photographer John Potter, the north of Britain has been an evocative source of inspiration for almost three decades.

Fibres With a Twist

Friday 31 July – Monday 24 August
Cleveland Fibre Arts textile group presents work inspired by the natural elements, moods, colours and landscapes of the North York Moors and Cleveland Hills.

One Moor Year

Friday 31 July – Monday 24 August
Robin Puplett’s paintings of the North York Moors were completed over a calendar year, and capture the drama of the changing seasons, views and landscapes.

A Meander Down the Esk, sponsored by Northern Rail

Thursday 27 August – Tuesday 22 September
Watercolourist John Freeman takes a meandering journey down the River Esk, portraying the beautiful river in all its moods.

Exploring the Boundaries

Friday 25 September – Tuesday 13 October 
Members of the Ebor Group take inspiration from the natural environment, found objects and derelict spaces, and their works blur the boundary between past and present.

Pure Light, Bright Water

Friday 25 September – Tuesday 13 October
Sue Morton’s landscape paintings celebrate the unique character and ever-changing moods of North Yorkshire’s villages, moors and coastal scenery.

The Inhabited Landscape 

Friday 16 October – Wednesday 11 November
Artist in residence for The North York Moors Chamber Music Festival, Carol Tyler explores some of the ways man has adapted – and inhabited – the landscape of the moors, from standing stones and waymarkers to abbeys and monasteries. The exhibition coincided with two concerts for classical string trios on 6 and 8 November.

Inspired by Times Past

Friday 16 October – Wednesday 11 November
Dennis Roddam’s ceramics are inspired by times past on the North York Moors.

Whispers and Secrets

Friday 16 October – Wednesday 11 November
Photographer Phil Cornelius and candlemaker Chris Jones explore the history and secret places of the North York Moors and coast.

Christmas Craft Fair

Saturday 14 November – Sunday 15 November
Celebrating some of the best local arts, country crafts and seasonal gifts, from jewellery and ceramics to tree decorations, scented soaps and handmade chocolates.

Artistically Yours

Saturday 14 November – Sunday 24 January 2016
Brigantia’s artists and craftworkers showcase the very best in art, sculpture, textiles, carvings and ceramics – both traditional and contemporary.

Natural Partners

Wednesday 18 November – Sunday 24 January 2016
Artists Freya Horsley, James Morgan Williams, Jan Richardson and Caroline Riley interpret the special qualities of the moors and coast.

Previous Exhibitions 2014

Nature in the Spotlight

1 February to 3 March
Artist Andrew Hutchinson and wildlife photographer Steve Race place the natural world at the heart of their work.

Pathways to the Coast

1 February to 3 March
Rosie Dean's vibrant paintings capture the endlessly changing weather, moods and landscape along the North York Moors' coast.


6 March to 1 April
Artisan blacksmith David Stephenson and artist Sue Slack find strength in the power of three.

6 March to 1 April
Photographer Charles Twist is a passionate advocate of old cameras and lenses.

Landscapes For a Dark Summer

4 April to 11 May
Renowned landscape artist Peter Hicks presents a major exhibition of striking new work.

Francis Nicholson and the Lure of the Picturesque

17 May to 15 June
Explore the rise of watercolour painting and printmaking through the pioneering works of Francis Nicholson(1753-1844)

Paysage Recycle

17 May to 15 June
In 'Recycled Countryside' - inspired by the Tour de France's 'Grand Depart' - Sue Slack's vibrant paintings complement Graham Anderton's delicate metal sculptures.

Snickets, Stones and Streams

20 June to 20 July
Mixed-media embroidery by Sue Pilkington-Hanna, ceramics by John Egerton, hand-spun and knitted jewellery by Lisa Armstrong and oil paintings by Sarah Garforth.

Red Hen Originals 

19 June to 21 July
Julia Burns' quirky, original hand-printed images have a contemporary edge but are all made using that most traditional of techniques - potato-printing.

Aspects of the Moors

25 July to 17 August
New work by members of Ryedale ArtWorks (RAW) explores the varied landscapes of the North York Moors - painting, sculpture, ceramics, metalwork, glassware and textiles.

Spirited Wildlife

20 August – 16 September
The wildlife all around us takes centre stage in this major summer exhibition of art and sculpture. Sought-after wildlife artist Andy Broderick presents a specially selected collection of his spirited drawings and watercolours. Leading willow and wire animal sculptor Emma Stothard – who has work in the Royal Collection – shows her beautifully crafted sculptural pieces, alongside Stef Ottevanger’s highly individual ‘animals with attitude’, cast in bronzed resin.

Changing Places

19 September – 12 October
Bridget Wilkinson and Meg Ashley come together to celebrate the dynamic northeast coastline. The use of vibrant colour and texture in their paintings and ceramics – along with a dash of whimsical reflection and delight – reflects the ever-changing, rhythmic splendour of nature.

North Yorkshire, Naturally

19 September – 12 October
Dennis Roddam’s art works and ceramics capture the natural spirit of North Yorkshire, from vast moorlands to magnificent coastline, whilst focusing on smaller natural wonders that are sometimes overlooked.

Lingering Presence

15 October to 9 November
Photographer and poet Phil Cornelius, pastel artist Keith Blessed and candle-maker Chris Jones explore the spiritual nature of the North York Moors and coast.

Quilting For All Seasons

15 October to 11 November
Quilted works by the Cleveland Fibre Arts textile group, inspired by the seasonal changes in the North York Moors' countryside and coast.

Christmas Craft Fair

15 to 16 November
Over 30 stalls of arts, crafts and seasonal gifts, from jewellery, ceramics and stained glass to willow tree decorations, scented soaps and handmade chocolates.

Brigantine Artistry

Saturday 15 November to Sunday 11 January 2015
Brigantia's artists and craftworkers showcase the very best in art, sculpture, textiles, carvings and ceramics.

New Ground

Saturday 22 November to Sunday 25 January 2015
Printmaker Hester Cox and ceramicist Charlotte Morrison explore the history, nature and landscape of the North York Moors.

Previous Exhibitions 2013

Northern Light

Photographers Janet and Richard Burdon explore the hidden intricacies of the natural world in their dramatic monochrome work. Graham Anderton's metal sculptures also draw from nature while showing us the beauty of worked steel.


Watercolour drawings and works on paper by renowned international artist William Tillyer offer a striking perspective on the North York Moors National Park.

Interpretation in Colour

Liz Clarke and Dave Marsh, and ceramicist George Ormerod, inspire you with their colourful interpretation of the natural world.

Flora, Fauna, Fossils and Fibres

Explore the natural elements, moods and colours of the North York Moors with the spinners, weavers, felters and quilters of the Cleveland Fibre Arts textile group. There will be craft demonstrations during the exhibition - call for details.

Expanding Horizons

Malcolm Ludvigsen and Kate Kenney both paint 'plein-air' - that is, they work outside, in any weather. In doing so, they capture the real life and vibrancy of the North York Moors and coast.

Meditations on the Land

Caroline Riley's mixed media art, Peter Heaton's black-and-white photography and Peter Hough's ceramics combine to capture the meditative quality of the land.

Attached to Our Land

A debut exhibition by mixed media artist Kezy Feaster, whose paintings and sculptures record a life lived in harmony with the inspiring beauty of the natural landscape.

In Search of Summer

Susan Neale, Caroline Burton, Shirley Vauvelle, Sue Pilkington-Hanna and Emma Gale bring us a glimpse of summer in an exhibition of paintings, ceramics, jewellery and fine lacework. Needlework demonstrations take place during the exhibition - call 01439 772738 for details.

In Praise of Trees

The sculptural shapes and rich mythology of ancient trees inspire Carolyn Smith intricate drawings and Mick Waring's natural-edged bowls.

From What Has Been

A highly personal exploration of emotion by sculptor Azad Mohammed, print maker Catherine Sutcliffe-Fuller and photographer Nicola Taylor.

A Country View

Watercolourist Les Packham and figurative artist David Allen bring us beautiful paintings that present a nostalgic view of the North York Moors. These are complemented by the pottery of Claude Frere-Smith, inspired by creamware - a refined earthernware once used for jugs, bowls, tea-pots and platters.

Stories from the Moors

Presenting the latest images by landscape photographer Ian Burton, who uses some of the most beautiful locations in the National Park to draw in the viewer and make them part of the story.

The Butterfly Effect

The delicate paintings and drawings of Jean Harlow represent the natural world. Also featuring 'The Butterfly House', filled with butterflies made from recycled textiles.

Art for Sustainability

Inspirational artworks created from natural materials foraged from within the National Park. The displayed works are by Fine Art degree students at the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus.

Under Yorkshire Skies

Gail Hurst, Jennifer Tetlow and Sue Morton capture the vitality, moods and character of their local landscape in an expressive mix of sculpture, painting and drawing.

A Sense of Place 

Contemporary textile artists Marion Atkinson and Christine Heath are inspired by the drama of the Moors. This exhibition brings together Marion's highly textured wall hangings and Christine's colourful, stitched-surface collages.