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Ironwork by David StephensonIronwork by David Stephenson

Thursday 6 March to Monday 31 March

Free entry - 10.30am to 4pm, daily 

Meet the Artists: Saturday 15 March, 12 noon to 3pm, with music by harpist Elisabeth Westhead. 

Artisan blacksmith David Stephenson and artist Sue Slack find strength in the power of three.

David Stephenson 

David Stephenson is an artist blacksmith based at a forge in Lockton, on the edge of the North York Moors.

After an upbringing on industrial Teesside his career took him around the world, but whether in Europe, the Americas or Southeast Asia the appeal of the heather moorland was always strong. David finally returned to the UK and established his workshop in the place where he feels most at home.

David's sculptural work attempts to capture the powerful beauty inherent in a simple form. This often leads to the reproduction of the same basic motif in differing sizes and arrangements, reflecting varying moods, emotions and relationships.

David also aims to finish his work in a way which reflects its origins in fire. The sculptural pieces are always forged at the anvil, either by hand or by using a power hammer – one of which is now 103 years old and still going strong!

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Sue Slack 

Sue Slack’s colourful paintings are inspired by the moorland landscapes that surround her. 

She experiences a fundamental connection to the land by walking and sketching as she goes, observing the way that even familiar landscapes change according to points of view along a journey. Sue’s current work is an attempt to marry her emotional response to a familiar landscape with her desire to express herself in vibrant colour.

Sue’s enthusiasm for fell running is currently taking her to new places, both mentally and physically. She spends more time than ever out on her beloved North York Moors, before returning armed with a sketchbook and a more intimate knowledge of the shape and nature of the land, both of which are intrinsic to her work. 

Sue says:

My interest in art started at a young age, and I received lots of encouragement for my early drawings and sketches. But it wasn’t until I was well advanced in my Science degree that I discovered the intensity of colour and saw geometrical structures revealed under the microscope.

The endlessly renewing configurations in the vast moorland of colour, shape, texture and pattern are but a reflection of the movement of all those tiny cells and particles that make up the elements of living matter.

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