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Fired Drawn Painted

Thursday 9 July to Tuesday 28 July 

Multi-media artists Brian and Sally Tozer and Kezy Feaster draw inspiration from the landscapes, people and folklore of the Moors.

Kezy Feaster

Kezy Feaster captures the dramatic beauty and changing moods of the North Yorkshire landscape through her mixed media paintings.

She has always been intrigued by how people live and evolve within the land, and by how buildings and architecture sit within the landscape. From the wide open moors to the clusters of houses that nestle into coastal cliffs, she interprets each in her own quirky way. 

Kezy says:

In my work I aim to capture the feeling of a place. I see the moors and coastal towns in all moods, lights, weather and seasons, and I try to reflect this. I love working with mixed media and experimenting with layering texture and colour.

Brian and Sally Tozer

Brian and Sally Tozer produce mixed-media artwork, and run day and residential courses, at their studio at Rock Cottage in Pickering.

Since qualifying in ‘Ceramics and Textile Design’ in 1965, Brian has concentrated on hand-built ceramics, incorporating other media, though over the last 15 years photography, painting and drawing have also become passions. His inspirations are eclectic, whether colour, texture, form or even a film. Brian’s pieces also vary, from figurative work and portraits to abstracts and landscapes, each created using diverse media and techniques.

Sally works primarily in clay, hand-building and modelling figurative pieces that frequently incorporate other materials. She draws inspiration from all aspects of life, whether a person, a place, a story told or a conversation. Folklore and legend are frequently depicted in her detailed and highly decorative three-dimensional pieces.