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Saturday 14 February – Monday 16 March

Artists Pamela Scott and Ian Nicholas, and sculptor Anthony Cox, find inspiration in the moors and coastal villages. 

Pamela Scott

Pamela Scott has been painting in different mediums for some years, having studied with and gained inspiration from leading artists in the North Yorkshire area.

Her first love is watercolour and she uses a wet-into-wet technique, mixing colour on the paper, giving her work a fusion of colour and light. Recently, Pamela has been experimenting with acrylic paint, adding texture by using plaster of Paris and texture paste, which gives her paintings a rugged look while still retaining a certain loose feeling. She also likes to carry this effect through into her pastel work.

Pamela’s work is in many collections throughout the UK.

Ian Nicholas

Ian Nicholas was born and raised in Marske by the Sea, and the North York Moors and the surrounding area is a special place for him. Although Ian has painted in many different places – from the northern borders to the Norfolk coast – it’s the open space and solitude of the moorlands that inspire him most.

Ian is primarily self-taught, and is influenced by the styles of the 1940s’ and 1950s’ watercolour artists. His association and friendship with Colin Swinton, a watercolourist and botanical illustrator, has helped Ian develop his style further.

In 1997 Ian’s work was commissioned by ICI for its corporate Christmas card, and he enjoyed his first successful one-man exhibition the following year. Subsequent exhibitions have created more interest in his work, and he now has a strong following of collectors at home and abroad.

Ian is a member of both Priory and Leven arts societies.

Anthony Cox

Anthony Cox has a love of art that began at a very early age. In the mid-1960s he was greatly inspired by the Welsh-Canadian painter, Llewellyn Petley-Jones, under whose tutorship Anthony learned to paint in watercolour. He has since developed his pictorial work further in oil and pastel. 

Originally from the south of England, Anthony moved to the northeast in the late 1960s. Whilst at teacher training college in the early 1970s he not only took art, but specialised in sculpture and ceramics, and he now splits his time equally between painting and sculpture.

Anthony is greatly inspired by the area in which he lives. Naturally occurring compositions often stop him in his tracks, whether it’s the lay of the land or the look of the day. He tries to have a camera with him at all times to record such moments. He is often attracted to scenes with a pathway leading the viewer in, and enjoys painting water and reflections.

Most of his sculptures are inspired by the human figure and are modelled in clay without an internal armature. They are then hollowed out before firing in the kiln. The stylised pieces are mainly slab built and then worked on further. Silicone rubber moulds are made from the fired sculptures and limited editions are then cold cast in bronze resin.

Anthony is a long-standing member of several northern art societies and a founder member of the Guisborough-based Priory Arts Society. He exhibits regularly in society exhibitions and one-man shows. He is represented by several galleries in the northeast and has paintings and sculptures in many private collections in the UK, Spain, Sweden and the USA.