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Artwork by Charles TwistArtwork by Charles Twist

Thursday 6 March to Tuesday 1 April

Free Entry: 10.30am to 4pm, daily

Meet the Artist: Saturday 15 March, 12 noon to 3pm, with music by harpist Elisabeth Westhead.

Artist Lecture: Saturday 22 March, 12 noon to 3pm

Photographer Charles Twist is a passionate advocate of old cameras and lenses. 

Charles Twist 

Traditional photographer Charles Twist is a passionate advocate of old cameras and lenses. 

He shoots with large bellows cameras as well as a range of hand-held cameras, many of them dating to the 1920s and 1930s, and uses a wide variety of vintage lenses. In his photography studio on the Victorian Street in Stockton-on-Tees’ Preston Park Museum and Grounds, Charles creates traditional portraits in styles ranging from Victorian formality to Hollywood glamour, all on original equipment.

Charles says:

Vintage lenses impart a visual signature which is the hallmark of their design period, so a print reminds the viewer of its age by its appearance. Naturally, using an old lens in a modern context is a source of rich contrasts. These observations led me to ponder the importance of time in photography, and as an exercise I devised this project to remove as many of its traces as I could.

I chose the high moors themselves as a subject because of the lack of any traces of human habitation – farm buildings and people are absent. There is little vegetation to betray the time of year, and I chose overcast weather which would not yield shadows. In the end, all the viewer can tell is that it is not winter and that the pictures were taken at some stage in the last 130 years.I have enjoyed adding texture to my work and hope that you will study these prints patiently and let their subtle tones work their magic.

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