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Nature for all

Spring woodland by Tammy AndrewsSpring woodland by Tammy Andrews

At this time of year it feels like we’ve been granted special access to witness nature unfolding in front of us. Wildlife and landscapes transform and enriches every sense.

Our eyes grow accustomed to luscious swathes of green sweeping across valleys and fields. Hungry chicks call from hedges and trees as hurried parents to and fro with bundles of insects spilling from their beaks. Jars of garlic pesto are stored away in pantries, a tasty reminder of a woodland forage.

It's a welcome feeling to embrace the sun’s warm rays as vitamin D flows around our bodies again. The smell of coconut hangs in the air where gorse bushes proudly display their bright, yellow flowers.

Goldfinch by Mike Nicholas

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to be able to access these delights from your doorstep. Maybe you’re admiring from afar, behind a screen and creating a bucket list of adventures to come. Either way, take a look at these ten ideas to bring the outdoors indoors, learn new things, glimpse into another corner of the world and reconnect with nature.

1. Volunteer to be a Citizen Scientist and actively contribute to valuable data. The Countryside Jobs Service has a huge database of projects that you can do from home including toad spotting and mammal tracking.

2. Adventures for the Soul specialise in retreat experiences, wild walks and mindfulness activities. At this time, enjoy online support including mindfulness and relaxation tips and weekly virtual yoga sessions.

3. Take part in a weekly #WildTimeChallenge with the Wild Network, whether it's bringing the outside inside, exploring the garden, getting creative on a daily walk or a watching a brilliant film about the natural world.

Red Admiral by Jonathan Green

4. Learn your species with the Woodland Trust. They’ve done an A-Z of British trees and bird song identification for beginners.

5. Get Outside Inside with Ordnance Survey and partners who’ve pulled together hundreds of resources to educate, entertain and inspire, from quizzes and blogs to virtual challenges and video diaries.

6. Follow Yorkshire Coast Nature and enjoy a stunning image every day to remind us of the wonderful wildlife we look forward to seeing again. Go one step further and buy a voucher for a future trip. Head to our nature calendar for monthly tips from Rich Baines on what to look out for.

7. Sign up to The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild. Get a free, downloadable pack and plan everyday in June doing simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness.

8. Stay connected with Forests at Home and try something new such as virtual forest bathing. Forestry England provide activity downloads, tips to improve your well being and nature podcasts to get your forest fix.

Roe Deer by Steve Race

9. Help Orla the Alien discover what nature’s like on planet Earth by completing various missions on The Moors National Park Centre or Sutton Bank Facebook page.

10. #NatureForAll Discovery Zone includes resources to learn, discover and experience nature from around the world, wherever you are.

Dream now, visit later

Take a look at our Nature Friendly network. There’s a whole host of accommodation and activity providers who have dedicated their services and facilities to give you the best nature experiences when it’s safe to return to the North York Moors. They’ll most certainly give a warm welcome when able to do so again.