Accessible e-trikes at Dalby Forest

Project awarded: £10,000

The Local Business Tourism Contribution supported the Dalby Forest Cycle Hub in developing a more inclusive offer at their hire site in Dalby Forest. The project ensures cycling tourism is a realistic method of transport to a wider range of visitors to one of England’s most beautiful landscapes.

Two people riding accessible ebikes in a woodland. Visit Britain/Peter Kindersley.

The project was used to fund three recumbent electric assist ICE Trikes. By providing electric assist recumbent trikes as well as e-assist touring cycles, riders of all ages and ability, including those with a disability or recovering from surgery or a stroke, can explore more of the forest and venture further, discovering the hamlets and villages that add to the distinctive nature of the landscape.

Dalby Forest, with its great singletrack trails, already attracts mountain bikers from all over the country, but this project provides that opportunity for disabled people, and ensures they can ride in the safety of the friends and family.

Management Plan

This projects supports the following Management Plan objective:

Icon showing a circular maze.Outcome 4: A place that lifts the nation's health and wellbeing

Objective 20: Ensure that all members of the public are able to enjoy the National Park using easy-to-use, well-marked rights of way and open access land.

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