Traditional Boundary Fund

Annual grants of up to £5,000 are available for land managers within the North York Moors National Park to help towards dry stone wall restoration and hedgerow creation/regeneration.

These traditional boundaries form a big part of the character of the landscape and are an important feature of the historic environment, while providing important wildlife benefits.


Infographic of two people restoring a traditional hedgerow

Why are they important?

Hedgerows provide a range of benefits for land management, protecting soils, providing shelter to livestock and increasing opportunities for rotational grazing. They also connect habitats, boost biodiversity and help remove carbon from the atmosphere.

To provide these benefits they need to be managed appropriately. Grants available for:

  • New planting
  • Gapping up
  • Regenerative coppicing
  • Laying
  • Stock proof fencing in conjunction with any of the above

Dry stone walls

Infographic of a man and a woman building a dry stone wall.
Why are they important?

Dry stone walls form a key part of the cultural character of the North York Moors. They also provide a unique habitat for a range of reptiles, invertebrates and plants. It is important to keep walls in good condition to provide these benefits.

Grants available for:

  • Wall rebuilding and restoration in keeping with the local style
  • Wallside/topside wiring or netting (only in association with walls restored through the programme)
  • Replication of existing/dilapidated wall furniture where present within repaired (or reinstated) sections

People repairing a dry stone wall near a railway line. Credit Anglo American.

There is an annual application window in the spring with all projects to be complete and invoiced by the end of the following March. Applications are considered as part of a competitive assessment process.

For larger projects that are expected to take multiple years or are looking for a grant level exceeding £5000, then the North York Moors National Park Authority may be able to offer support as a Strategic Boundary Project.

We’re also looking for any land managers who would be interested in having their hedgerows surveyed to enable us to target resources in the future.

Find out more

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