Woodland Management Grant

The National Park has 23% woodland cover and some of these woodlands would benefit from additional management. The Authority has a significant amount of funding available for the visual enhancement of existing woodlands.

What can be funded?

The funding available is quite flexible and is available for capital projects which may include:

  • Conversion of poorly sited conifer plantations to broadleaved woodland
  • Woodland edge softening
  • Transformation to continuous cover silvicultural systems
  • Restoration and enhancement of ancient and other priority woodlands
  • Control of regenerating conifer in broadleaf woodland
  • Rhododendron control
  • Maintenance of recently planted trees
  • Removal and recycling of redundant tree guards
  • Management of priority open habitats within woodlands
  • Works to protect veteran and other notable trees

Where does the funding come from?

As part of the 2022 planning consent for Boulby Mine, section 106 payments are made to the National Park Authority to deliver projects which compensate and mitigate for the impacts of the mine.  Funding began in January 2023 and lasts for 25 years, with enhanced rates of funding being available in the first 5 years.

Projects must be within the National Park boundary and should be in the north of the National Park.

What cannot be funded?

Projects will not be supported if there is an existing obligation to carry out these works.
Only projects which further the North York Moors National Park’s Management Plan objectives will be considered.

If you would like to discuss a project idea please contact:

Mark Antcliff, Woodland Officer - m.antcliff@northyorkmoors.org.uk or 01439 772546.

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