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Traditional boundary scheme

Dialstone Farm limestone walling repair men at workDialstone Farm limestone walling repair men at work

Traditional Boundary Scheme

The Traditional Boundary Scheme (TBS) 2021-22 is now closed to applications.

On an annual basis grants of up to £2,000 are available for land managers within the North York Moors National Park to help towards dry stone walling restoration, and hedgerow restoration or hedgerow planting. These traditional boundaries form a big part of the landscape character of the area and are an important feature of the historic environment. They also provide wildlife habitat and shelter for stock, as well as reduce soil erosion across the National Park.

The TBS Guidelines 2021-22 and other documents are available below, for reference.

How is the grant allocated?

Please note that this is a competitive scheme and applications received are assessed against a series of criteria, including whether the boundary is visible from a public right of way/public access land. The applications scoring the highest number of points are offered a grant. Please be aware that the TBS usually receives more applications than it has available grant, so unfortunately it is likely that not all eligible applications received in a year will be offered grant..


Traditional Boundary Scheme Guidelines 2021-22

Traditional Boundary Scheme Application Form 2021-22

Traditional Boundary Scheme Payment Rates 2021-22

Traditional Boundary Scheme Process Flow Diagram 2021-22

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