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We offered a number of small grants to support local community groups and individuals for projects that contributed to the delivery of our vision and aims.


By 2021 the landscape and ironstone heritage of the North York Moors will be in better condition and better cared for, will be better understood and valued by more people, and will have a more sustainable future


  • Industrial heritage sites and features will be recorded, protected and conserved
  • The natural environment and biodiversity will be improved
  • The landscape and heritage will be better managed and more people will be actively involved in caring for it
  • The landscape and its industrial past will be more accessible, understood and enjoyed by more people
  • The future of the landscape and heritage will be safer and more sustainable

Eligible projects included both capital (physical work) or revenue (activities) work, and a huge range of projects ran by community groups and individuals have been funded. At least 25% match funding was required to qualify for a grant.

Please note that the Land of Iron Community Grants are now closed to new applicants.
If you are a Land of Iron Community Grant recipient and have a question regarding your grant, please contact or telephone 01439 772700.