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Cornfield flowers by Alex CrippsCornfield flowers by Alex Cripps

The Cornfield Flowers Project works with around 120 locally significant arable wildflowers. For further details on some of these, including a unique description of our experiences with the plant, rarity status and distribution in North-east Yorkshire, see our Species Cards below.  We are continually adding to the list, so please check this page for updates.

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Annual knawel Scleranthus annuus
Basil thyme Clinopodium acinos
Bird's-foot Ornithopus perpusillus
Black-bindweed Fallopia convolvulus
Bugloss Anchusa arvensis
Bur chervil Anthriscus caucalis


Corn buttercup Ranunculus arvensis
Hairy buttercup Ranunculus sardous
Small-flowered buttercup Ranunculus parviflorus

Campions and catchflies:

Night-flowering catchfly Silene noctiflora
Red campion Silene dioica
Small-flowered catchfly Silene gallica
White campion Silene latifolia


Hare's-foot clover Trifolium arvense
Knotted clover Trifolium striatum

Common stork's bill Erodium cicutarium
Common toadflax Linaria vulgaris
Corn marigold Chrysanthemum segetum
Corn mint Mentha arvensis
Corn parsley Petroselinum segetum
Corn spurrey Spergula arvensis
Corncockle Agrostemma githago
Cornfield knotgrass Polygonum rurivagum
Cornflower Centaurea cyanus


Common cornsalad Valerianella locusta
Keeled-fruited cornsalad Valerianella carinata
Narrow-fruited cornsalad Valerianella dentata


Cut-leaved crane's-bill Geranium dissectum
Dove's-foot crane's-bill Geranium molle
Small-flowered crane's bill Geranium pusillum


Cut-leaved dead-nettle Lamium hybridum
Henbit dead-nettle Lamium amplexicaule
Red dead-nettle Lamium purpureum
White dead-nettle Lamium album

Fiddleneck Amsinckia micrantha
Field gromwell (Lithospermum arvense
Field madder Sherardia arvensis
Field penny-cress Thlaspi arvense
Field woundwort Stachys arvensis
Flixweed Descurainia sophia


Round-leaved fluellen Kickxia spuria
Sharp-leaved fluellen Kickxia elatine

Fool's parsley Aethusa cynapium


Changing forget-me-not Myosotis discolor
Early forget-me-not Myosotis ramosissima
Field forget-me-not Myosotis arvensis


Common fumitory Fumaria officinalis
Common ramping-fumitory Fumaria muralis ssp. boraei
Dense-flowered fumitory Fumaria densiflora
Few-flowered fumitory Fumaria vaillantii
Fine-leaved fumitory Fumaria parviflora)
Purple Ramping-fumitory Fumaria purpurea
White ramping fumitory Fumaria capreolata


Common hemp-nettle Galeopsis tetrahit/Galeopsis bifida
Large-flowered hemp-nettle Galeopsis speciosa
Red hemp-nettle Galeopsis angustifolia
Mousetail Myosurus minimus
Nipplewort Lapsana communis


Field pansy Viola arvensis
Wild pansy Viola tricolor


Parsley-piert Aphanes arvensis
Slender parsley-piert Aphanes australis

Pheasant's-eye Adonis annua


Common poppy Papaver rhoeas
Long-headed poppy Papaver dubium
Prickly poppy Papaver argemone
Rough poppy Papaver hybridium
Yellow-juiced poppy Papaver lecoqii

Scarlet pimpernel Anagallis arvensis
Scarlet pimpernel - blue flowered Anagallis arvensis ssp. arvensis forma azurea
Shepherd's-needle Scandix pecten-veneris
Small nettle Urtica urens
Small toadflax Chaenorhinum minus
Smooth cat's-ear Hypochaeris glabra


Common field-speedwell Veronica persica
Germander speedwell Veronica chamaedrys
Green field-speedwell Veronica agrestis
Grey field-speedwell Veronica polita
Ivy-leaved speedwell Veronica hederifolia
Thyme-leaved speedwell Veronica serpyllifolia
Wall speedwell Veronica arvensis


Dwarf spurge Euphorbia exigua
Petty spurge Euphorbia peplus
Sun spurge Euphorbia helioscopia


Hairy tare Vicia hirsuta
Smooth tare Vicia tetrasperma

Thorn apple Datura stramonium
Treacle mustard Erysimum cheiranthoides
Venus's-looking-glass Legousia hybrida
Viper's-bugloss Echium vulgare
Weasel's-snout Misopates orontium
Wild radish Raphanus raphanistrum

Non-arable species:

Bithynian vetch Vicia bithynica
Common calamint Clinopodium ascendens
Dyer's greenweed Genista tinctoria
May lily Maianthemum bifolium
Purple milk-vetch Astragalus danicus
Royal fern Osmunda regalis
Wild clary Salvia verbenaca

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