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Our vision for the Scheme

To conserve, enhance and restore the natural and cultural heritage of the area, enabling people to reconnect with the history, wildlife and landscapes of the River Rye and its tributaries.”

“Crystal clear. Brim-full of fish. Known and valued; a health bringer and restore. Majestic in the flatlands and resplendent in the uplands. Wise in its fury and never-ceasing in the drought. Holding in its watershed an earthly paradise of deafening birdsong and glorious human treasures. Defeating bureaucratic boundaries, energising communities; supporting farmers; welcoming visitors from near and afar. Reviving old memories and steeling all for action to protect it. Proud to define itself.

Our vision for Ryevitalise is to deliver this, forever.

The ambition for the Partnership is to establish the Rye as a basis for common action. We see the river and the flow of water as an element which joins communities, heritage and wildlife together.

The heart of our project is community and partnership working. Together we are working on an exciting range of projects. These will help restore, enhance and conserve the Rye's natural and cultural heritage.

We are talking with local land managers to bring about environmental improvements, one way is through encouraging learning and sharing of best practice to. For example, together we can improve water quality by reducing pollution, bank erosion and invasive species.

We can restore habitats and encourage species such as bats into our woodland, butterflies into our meadows and more invertebrates into our rivers. We can work with nature to improve the flow and function of our streams and rivers. We can preserve valuable heritage and to discover new stories from our past. We can reconnect local people to the river through citizen science events and educational activities.

The Ryevitalise area

Ryevitalise Landscape Partnership Scheme Map

The River Rye is a glistening and dynamic landmark. From the northern watershed, the river connects the Cleveland Hills which overlook Teesside to, in the south, as far as Nunnington and East Ness and the Howardian Hills. It flows through steep dales and ancient woodland, parkland and arable. It feeds the landscape and the ecology, beckoning communities together, a thing of strength and beauty, a fragile resource to protect and nurture. Ryevitalise crosses boundaries: the river does not recognise these.

The whole project area is 413 km2 (approximately 160 square miles). Nearly two-thirds (63%) is within the North York Moors National Park area and nearly one-quarter (23%) is in the Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The remaining 15% is land outside of these Protected Landscapes, mostly arable farmland along the vale of Pickering. There are 532 miles of becks, streams and river!

The project will run for four years and started in June 2019. It will run until October 2023.

The Ryevitalise Landscape Partnership Scheme is supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund, North York Moors National Park Authority and other partners. We have 19 projects, covering everything from habitat restoration to built heritage and arts related programmes.

Our partners
  • Community First Yorkshire
  • Disability Action Group/Local Access Forum
  • East Yorkshire Rivers Trust
  • English Heritage
  • Environment Agency
  • Facilitation Fund
  • Forestry Commission
  • Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (HH AONB)
  • National Trust
  • Natural England
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • North York Moors National Park Authority
  • Ryedale District Council
  • Yorkshire Derwent Partnership
  • Yorkshire Water
  • Woodland Trust
  • Butterfly Conservation

The Team

Alex Cripps
Alex Cripps
Programme Manager
Toby Panter
Toby Panter
Field Officer
James Caldwell
James Caldwell
Senior Catchment
Restoration Officer
Amy Carrick
Amy Carrick
Education and
Engagement Officer
Holly Ramsden
Holly Ramsden
David Mennear
David Mennear
Niamh Byrne
Niamh Byrne
Graduate Trainee
Guy Harris
Guy Harris
Graduate Trainee

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