Delivering and monitoring

Annual monitoring statement

Each year, we will publish a monitoring statement which assesses how partners are progressing on delivering the 24 objectives set out in the Management Plan. The report for 2022/23 - the first year of the Plan's operation - is now available.

Read the 2022/23 annual monitoring statement

Delivery and Monitoring Plan

The Delivery and Monitoring Plan has been produced to support implementation of the Management Plan. It proposes setting up a 'Partnership Delivery Group' to drive progress, along with a wider Stakeholder Forum which will meet annually to review progress. It then sets out a list of indicators that will be used to monitor each of the Plan's 24 objectives.

Read the Delivery and Monitoring Plan

State of the National Park report

We have also published a 'State of the National Park' report  for the year 2021. The report provides a ‘snapshot’ of the environmental, social, and economic ‘health’ of the North York Moors over time. It reports on the indicators in the 2012 Management Plan, and in effect ‘draws a line’ underneath this Plan which has has now been superseded by a new Management Plan, for 2022 onwards.

Read the State of the National Park Report 2021

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