Cause and Effect exhibition

The Cause and Effect exhibition was a collaborative project between our Ryevitalise project, the National Trust, Howardian Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and independent artists Paula Hickey and John Arnison.

The exhibition was the culmination of a two-year exchange between landscape scientists and artists. At the beginning the artists: Paula, a designer and print maker and John, a photographer knew nothing of the River Rye catchment. The Ryevitalise partners have guided their discovery of this diverse landscape. In response Paula and John have captured the processes and forms that drive landscape change in their own unique artistic languages.

In September 2023 Hovingham Hall exhibited the second showing of the Cause & Effect art display, in conjunction with Ryedale Open Studios. Works by print artist Paula Hickey and photographer John Arnison were displayed to the public over two consecutive weekends.

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Paula Hickey

Paula Hickey is an Irish, Leeds-based artist. She holds a BA in Visual Communication and MA in Creative Practice. She has exhibited jointly and in group exhibitions in Italy, Ireland, Bath, Leeds and York. She was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer show 2022. She has both led and taken part in residencies in the UK, Ireland and Greece. She hosts workshops sharing some of the experimental processes she has developed. She is also a founding member of the TCL art Collective.

Blue ink painting. Painting By Paula Hickey.

Overflow II by Paula Hickey. Art piece showing blue ink dripping from a central square surrounded by white space.

"Working on the Cause and Effect’ project has been a very enriching experience. Getting to know the Rye River and the beautiful landscape through which it flows has deepened my connection with nature and my awareness of the absolute power and beauty of water.

"My art practice, which is often informed by research, benefitted greatly through collaboration with the partners on the project. Having access to the knowledge base around river processes and the environmental concerns has enhanced my understanding of the importance of rivers in our lives."

Presence and absence'. Abstract ink piece by Paula Hickey.Sedimentary Flow' by Paula Hickey.

"Sometimes being an artist can be quite a lonely experience, limited in perspective. This collaboration, through creative dialogue with fellow artist John and access to knowledge base of the partners has enhanced my understanding of the river, its mystery and meaning. It has informed and inspired ways to interpret my experiences visually.

"My hope is that the work for this project, reflects the journey I have been on. Demonstrating a responsive approach and evoking themes of beauty, transformation and the dynamic processes within nature."

John Arnison

Artist working in a darkroom. Two men are filming what he does. Credit 2B13 Productions.

Nighttime - a black and white photograph of a waterfall by John Arnison.

Nighttime - a black and white photograph of a waterfall by John Arnison.

Nighttime - a black and white photograph of river by John Arnison.

Nighttime - a black and white photograph of waterfall by John Arnison.

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