River restoration at Bonfield Gill


As part of a wider scheme of targeted river restoration works, funding was awarded through our Ryevitalise and Blue Corridors projects to replace a culvert at Bonfield Gill with a new bottomless arch culvert.

This work is part of our wider efforts to restore the River Rye and bring it back to a more natural state, improving natural river functions and increasing habitat availability. By replacing the existing culvert with a bottomless arch culvert it will create a more open and accessible river channel and natural river bed with plentiful gravels for spawning fish.

It will also make it easier for migratory fish, such as brown trout, to reach headwaters and spawning sites with fewer obstacles along their route upstream.


Three large pipes in a river


A newly created small farm access bridge over a river

Female looking at a newly constructed small bridge over a river. Credit Charlie Fox.Female looking at a newly constructed small bridge over a river. Credit Charlie Fox.

Management Plan

This projects supports the following management plan objectives:

Icon showing a hand holding a seedling in soilOutcome 1: A resilient landscape at the forefront of addressing climate change and nature recovery.

Objective 5: Achieve good ecological status for all water bodies by 2027 and support the improvement of the marine and coastal habitat.

Icon representing different species in a life cycleOutcome 2: A nature rich, more biodiverse landscape

Objective 6: Create bigger, better and more joined-up habitats, with nature-rich wildlife corridors extending beyond the National Park boundaries.

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