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How the Authority works

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The North York Moors National Park Authority

The National Park Authority works with a huge variety of people to care for this beautiful corner of Yorkshire.

We try to balance the needs of the National Park, its people, landscape, wildlife and culture, with the needs of visitors who come to enjoy the area.

It’s really important that people understand why the North York Moors is such a special place and what makes it so special, so that it's used and cared for in ways which will maintain it for future generations.

Who works for the Authority?

We have 20 Members, who operate in a similar way to local authority councillors, and 173 members of staff (full-time and part-time) based at our headquarters in Helmsley and our two National Park Centres.

We also have 14 Apprentices, and a huge team of Voluntary Rangers and volunteers from all walks of life who support the work of the Authority in many different ways.

Members meet at least quarterly and are responsible for making decisions in relation to the functions of the National Park Authority, determining the Authority's policies and ensuring that resources are properly allocated.

How is it funded?

Most of our funding comes from the Government via the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. We also generate income through our visitor centres, car parks and planning fees and attract financial support through partnership working and external funding grants.

You can find out more on our funding on our Finance and spending page.

What does it do?

The North York Moors National Park Management Plan is the framework in which Members and staff work. It sets out the overall strategy for the management of the National Park and enables all organisations whose work affects the area to work towards the Vision for the future of the North York Moors.

The Management Plan is monitored and every three years a State of the Park report is published.

The staff implement the policies and decisions of the Members. Certain powers and functions are delegated directly to them. You can find out about some of our current work in the Looking after section. The North York Moors National Park Authority is the Local Planning Authority for the National Park. The North York Moors Local Development Framework guides future development in the National Park.

Prioritising and reviewing

The Authority also publishes a Business Plan every three years which sets out its priorities for delivering the aims of the Management Plan and determines the direction and emphasis of the Authority’s work. It is developed as a result of feedback from the public - parish councils, local organisations, residents, visitors and volunteers.

Every year our performance is reviewed and priorities set for the following year. These are published in the Annual Report Newsletter.

Every five years all National Parks in the UK undertake a peer assessment.

How do you get to work for the National Park?

All our job opportunities are advertised on our Jobs page and we advertise in appropriate newspapers and journals, depending on the job.

We use contractors and consultants for a wide range of work. You can find out how we appoint them and how we purchase goods on our Procurement page.

Useful links and information to download:

North York Moors National Park Management Plan

In 2016, the National Park Authority carried out a light touch review of the 2012 Management Plan as it was considered generally fit for purpose and had been subject to an extensive review back in 2012. Following consultation with stakeholders, the National Park Authority approved a set of minor amendments to the 2012 Plan on 19 December 2016 so that it extended to cover the year 2017 onwards.

2017 Management Plan – Amendment Sheet.

Health and Well-being Report (pdf)

State of the Park Report 2012 (pdf)

State of the Park Report 2009 (pdf)

Business Plan 2020-2022

Business Plan 2017-2020 (pdf)

Business Plan 2012 - 2015 (pdf)

Annual Report Newsletter 2019/2020

Annual Report Newsletter 2019 (pdf)

Annual Report Newsletter 2018 (pdf)

Annual Report Newsletter 2017 (pdf)

Annual Report Newsletter 2016 (pdf) - Online Residents' Survey

Annual Report Newsletter 2015 (pdf)

Scheme of Delegation (pdf)

Peer Assessment Final Report 2010 (pdf)