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The staff

Chief Executive, Chairman and Policy ManagerChief Executive, Chairman and Policy Manager

Chief Executive (National Park Officer) - Tom Hind

Management Team

Director of Planning - Chris France

Director of Park Services - Michael Graham

Director of Conservation - Briony Fox

Director of Polyhalite Projects - Briony Fox

Policies and Plans

Head of Strategic Policy (including the Local Plan) - Paul Fellows

Conservation of the Built Environment

Conservation Areas, Historic Buildings, Buildings at Risk - Maria Calderon

Head of Historic Environment - Miles Johnson

Development Management

Head of Development Management - Mark Hill

Development Management Team Leader  - Hilary Saunders

Compliance and Monitoring - Rosie Gee - Team Leader

See who does what in the Development Management Team including Planning Areas Map

Conservation of Landscape and Wildlife

Head of Natural Environment - Vacancy

Future Farming Policy Officer - Rebecca Thompson

Ecology - Elspeth Ingleby

People in the Park

Marketing, Interpretation, Tourism and Website - Catriona McLees

Communications (Press and Media) - Nina Beadle

National Park Centres - Catriona McLees

Education Service - Heather McNiff (Based at The Moors National Park Centre, Danby)

Access, Public Rights of Way - Ben Jackson

Rights of Way Officer - Emma Ashton-Wickett

Cleveland Way - Malcolm Hodgson

Public Transport - Michael Graham

Volunteers Service - Joan Childs

Interpretation and Out and About Guide - Jules Brown

Senior Rangers:

Naomi Green

David Smith

Simon Bassindale

Bernie McLinden