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Key Stage 1 ChildrenKey Stage 1 Children

These activities are led by experienced leaders from the National Park Outdoor Learning Team and are based at Danby Lodge National Park Centre (formerly The Moors National Park Centre) and Sutton Bank Visitor Centre. Activities last from an hour up to a full day and the maximum capacity is usually 60 children depending on the children's age, the number of accompanying adults and the activities.

See also costs and booking,  pre-visit information and resources.

Outdoor activities

Enchanted Woodland (pdf) A full day exploring our local woodland, this day is inspired by the book The Woodlings and the Wish Dragon (free copy on booking). Children create stories and develop their literacy skills inspired by this outdoor adventure.

Gruffalo Adventure (pdf)  A full day. Children follow an activity trail around Crow Wood learning about woodland wildlife plus creating natural art , indoors and outdoors.

Treasure Hunt (pdf) A full day. Practical map skills indoors and outdoors based on this Percy the Park Keeper story.

One Snowy Night (pdf) A full day. A wildlife themed activity trail based on Nick Butterworth's popular Percy the Park Keeper story - available only on selected dates, December through to February.

Woodland Adventure (pdf) An hour and a half using a range of sensory activities and games relating to the woodland habitat. Combine with another activity to make a full day.

Countryside Adventure (pdf) An hour and a half involving walking through woodland and fields to a stream habitat and back.

Food and Farming Walk (pdf) A two hour linear walk through farmland learning about how land is used to produce food. Note that your coach will be required to bring you back to the centre at the end of the walk. Works well with woolly weaving.

What is Sculpture? (pdf) An hour and a half touring the sculptures in the centre grounds followed by group work to create artwork using natural materials. Combine with another activity to make a full day.

Nocturnal Animals (pdf) A full day using a range of sensory games and activities indoors and outdoors to learn how nocturnal animals live.

The Lost Words (pdf) A full day inspired by Robert Mcfarlane's best selling book The Lost Words.  Enjoy a beautiful  walk through fields and woods to reach a stream discovering some of the lost words along the way.

Indoor activities

Seasons in the Park (pdf) A 30 minute activity looking at wildlife through the seasons using pictures and an opportunity to handle animals and birds from our stuffed animal collection.  Works well followed by a walk e.g. Countryside Adventure or farmland walk.

Woolly Weaving (pdf) A one hour demonstration of traditional weaving techniques and a hands on craft activity. Works well with the farmland walk.

Mask Making (pdf)  A 45 minute activity. Using a selection of templates children cut, stick and decorate to create their own animal mask to take away. Works well with seasons in the park followed by an outdoor activity e.g. woodland adventure, countryside adventure.

Learning about the National Park and FREE assemblies

Free assemblies for Primaries around the National Park include options on the National Park's special wildlife (linked to the science curriculum) and different places to visit around the North York Moors which supports the wellbeing agenda and is popular just before holidays through the year.

Resources for KS 1 teachers

Use our resources to prepare children for their visit and to extend learning.

If you can't see anything suitable here...

We're happy to adapt activities whenever possible to link to your objectives or to cater for any special needs of your children.

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