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River fieldwork techniquesRiver fieldwork techniques

Fieldwork for secondary schools and colleges: river landforms and processes

Follow the Clither Beck downstream, from near its source up on the moor, as it widen and deepens on its route towards The Moors National Park Centre at Danby. Passing V-shaped valleys and meanders, where there are opportunities to discuss these landforms and draw field sketches, students will collect data on river variables at three sites. The day is set up with a clear investigation structure, including an aim, hypotheses, data collection and collation; and then resources to support teachers to present and analyse data back at school.

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Fieldwork for secondary schools and colleges: flooding in Pickering

Exploring the well known Pickering case study of flood management, 'Slow the Flow'. Students will collect data on streams above and below small 'leaky' dams north of Pickering, and undertake fieldwork to assess infiltration rates on different land-uses. This gives students a good understanding of why the catchment is prone to flooding, and ways this has been managed through this innovative project. Then in Pickering students will assess the likelihood and impact of flooding, collecting data which can be mapped on simple GIS packages.

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