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Draft Local Plan - First Steps

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Work has started on a new Local Plan for the North York Moors, which will cover the period 2016-35. When completed it will replace the current Core Strategy (2008) and sit alongside the Helmsley Local Plan and Whitby Business Park Area Action Plan to form what is known as our development plan. Policies within the development plan are the prime determinant when deciding applications for planning permission.

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The Local Plan Mailing List.

The First Steps Document (September 2016)

Consultation on the first stage of our Local Plan review, called 'First Steps' ran for an eleven week period to 18 November 2016.  The purpose of the consultation was to gain initial views on what people think about the North York Moors National Park generally - what they value about it, what needs improvement, and what people think the key issues are.

At this initial stage we also asked everyone to put forward any sites they know about that may be suitable for development over the life of our plan. We also asked people to let us know about any areas of 'Local Green Space' they may which to see designated for additional protection from development. A report summarising we responses we received is available.

View the First Steps - Summary of Consultation Report.

View the First Steps Document

The Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report (September 2016)

Finally, we also prepared a technical report on sustainability appraisal. This explains how we will assess our future policies and any sites for how sustainable they are compared to other options we come up with. It looks at other plans and policies that may have an influence on our plan, sets out what relevant information we have about the North York Moors and what some of the issues we may need to address, before coming up with a framework for assessing how sustainable our policies and sites are. We called it 'Our Approach to Plan Making' or the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report. We consulted with Heritage England, Natural England and the Environment Agency on it, and comments made by them will be incorporated in future version.

Download Our Approach to Plan Making - Main Report

Download Our Approach to Plan Making - Appendices

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) and Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

If you are interested in the timetable and details for production of the new Local Plan information is contained in the Authority's Local Development Scheme (LDS) which was adopted by the National Park Authority on 21 March 2016. A Statement of Community Involvement has also been produced which explains how we will consult with the public on the draft Local Plan.

View the Local Development Scheme (March 2016)

View the Statement of Community Involvement (August 2014)

The Evidence Base

The contents of the new Local Plan will be informed by various technical reports and studies. Details of the evidence prepared so far is available on our Evidence Base page.