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Organising events

Fell race by Tessa BunneyFell race by Tessa Bunney

In recent years, large-scale and organised recreational events have become increasingly popular throughout the North York Moors National Park. Specialist activities, including fell and trail running, challenge walks and mountain bike orienteering take people through some of the most spectacular areas of this treasured landscape.

However, when large-scale events are run in protected areas of the countryside, they can have an adverse impact on the landscape and environment, and can cause disturbance to local communities. Event organisers need to make sure that every effort is made to minimise this damage and to ensure they do not cause inconvenience to others. Organisers need to assess the likely impact of the event and ask themselves if the event is appropriate, in the right place and at the right time of year.

Pound for the Park

We ask all organisers of large scale events to consider donating a 'Pound for the Park' for each participant. This small donation allows us to carry out maintenance work and manage the impact of events on conservation and communities, ensuring your event is sustainable year after year.

Advice and guidelines to assist with your event planning

Outdoor event organisers should contact the North York Moors National Park Authority at the earliest opportunity for advice and specialist local knowledge, which will help with event planning.

For additional information for anyone planning a large scale event please contact

Within the National Park area, any event organiser or club wishing to run a motorised event using/crossing Public Rights of Way, must apply for a s.33 Road Traffic Act 1968 Authorisation. This allows the National Park Authority to consider the possible impacts of the event and offer advice, etc. Please note that this application must be made at least 3 months before the event.’

Application Form for a Motor Vehicle Trial

Rights of way map

Use our interactive rights of way map to find where to Walk, Ride and Cycle in the North York Moors National Park. You can zoom in and out at various scales by following the instructions displayed underneath the map and by using the Legend and Layer buttons. The map also shows all stiles, steps, gates or bridges on the paths and where there are signposts, which you may find helpful for planning routes.

We also provide details about any recent changes to rights of way.


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