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Gillies Jones

Gillies JonesGillies Jones

Glass artists Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones create visually stunning, bespoke glass artworks by hand in their studio in Rosedale Abbey, in the heart of the North York Moors.

Stephen and Kate are part of the rich and vibrant contemporary British and international studio glass scene. Their work is a celebration of the virtuosity, economy of use and respect for the qualities of the material practised by generations of glassmakers before them.

Stephen blows the initial hot-glass bubble, generally in transparent glass, to which he adds one or more layers of coloured glass. Kate then brings a strongly defined sense of design to each glass artwork, using the slow process of masking and sand engraving or by using a diamond lathe to create fine lines and textures. Consequently, each Gillies Jones artwork is a tour de force, reflecting broad variations in colour and a complex intertwining of linear patterning.

Stephen and Kate say

Our way of working with glass is about layering – both adding and removing colour. This physical process lends itself to our interest in, and observations of, the landscape around us, which has its own inherent beauty, all of which is animated and changed by light. Light in turn animates glass and we are always mindful of the unique transparent qualities of the material, and this intrinsic interplay of light with the elements.

Gillies JonesGillies Jones


Exhibited in gallery: 2012, 2017