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Peter Hicks

Peter HicksPeter Hicks

Renowned landscape artist Peter Hicks has a passion for the changing beauty of the North York Moors, an area in which he has lived and worked for most of his life.

Peter views landscape painting as a vehicle for expressing ideas and feelings that have a universal appeal. His latest works – in acrylic on canvas and mixed media on paper – were inspired by the challenging weather of the summer of 2012, and are entirely drawn from the rich, moody landscapes of the North York Moors and northern England.

Peter exhibits widely in the UK, and his work is held in public collections in both England and France. 

Peter says:

Many of my earliest memories are of the Esk Valley, and the area is central to my life as a painter of visual things. Born in 1937, I have a surprisingly vivid memory, which is the blessing, or the curse, that shadows my life.

I work out of need and towards some kind of fulfilment. My perception is caught between figuration and abstraction, in a world where hints, hopes and promises abound. It aims at a coming together and promises an amalgam of many things; the known or familiar, an aspiration, a shared moment, or a memory. I susbscribe to the belief that, though the forms of art change, the highest aspirations remain.

Peter HicksPeter Hicks

Landscape artist

Exhibited in gallery: 2012, 2014, 2017