Local Access Forum

The National Park Authority has established a Local Access Forum for the North York Moors National Park.

The Authority will take account of the Forum's views in reaching decisions, for example on the draft maps of access land, the imposition of bylaws, long term closure of land for public access, as well as on wider issues regarding public rights of way and access.

The primary purpose of the Forum is to provide an opportunity for representatives of users and landowners and other relevant bodies to advise the National Park Authority on the improvement of public access to land in the National Park for the purpose of open-air recreation and the enjoyment of the area. This should be done in ways that address social, economic and environmental interests, whilst encouraging and assisting access provision. The advice given by the Forum should be of particular local relevance.

The Local Access Forum has been developed to give a balanced representation of interests and consists of 6 members representing users of rights of way and access land, 6 members representing owners/occupiers of access land and land crossed by rights of way and 4 members representing other interests. A list of the the Members is available below. You can view agendas for the Local Access Forum in the Meetings and Agendas section.

Terms of reference

For further information about the Forum please contact us.

Members representing users of Rights of Way and access land / recreation (6)

Member Appointment ends
Bill Tait 14/10/2025
Mike Conlon 15/01/2025
Alison Fuller 02/11/2025
Gerry Orchard 12/11/2024
John Toogood20/10/2026
Stuart Sweet24/05/2027

Members representing owners and occupiers of land and land crossed by Rights of Way (4)

MemberAppointment ends
Catriona Cook 01/04/2027
Catherine Cussons 28/11/2024
George Winn-Darley 04/11/2025

Members representing other interests (4)

MemberAppointment ends
John Birtill20/10/2026
Helen Grundy 17/05/2025
Muriel Mitchell 06/03/2025
Mark Pearson24/05/2027

Local Authority Appointments (4)

MemberAppointment ends
George Jabbour (NYC) 18/05/2024
Bob Marley (NYMNPA) 19/06/2024
John McCue (R&CBC) 26/05/2024

Total Members 17

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