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Local Plan - Examination

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This page includes up to date information on the forthcoming Local Plan Examination, including hearing dates, matters and statements. It will contain all documents, statements and other correspondence received or produced after submission.

Latest news

28 May 2020

The Inspector's Report has now been received (15 May), bringing the Examination in Public to an end. The Report, together with proposed modifications and a version of the draft Local Plan incorporating the Inspector's modifications is available from the links below. The Authority is planning to adopt the Plan at its National Park Authority/AGM meeting on 27 July. In the meantime, in light of the report finding the plan sound subject to modifications the Authority will attach substantial weight to the draft Plan when deciding planning applications.

View the Inspector's Report.

View the Inspector's Main Modifications

View a version of the draft plan incorporating the Inspector's Modifications and minor amendments.

Examination Details.

Richard Schofield BA (Hons) MA MRTPI, has been appointed to conduct the examination to determine whether the plan is sound. The Examination in Public will take place starting 12 November 2019.

Programme Officer

An independent Programme Officer, Liz Sheard, has been appointed to assist the independent Inspector through the examination. Liz is responsible for all procedural matters of the examination and all future correspondence with respondents to the Local Plan regarding the examination will be via her.

Contact details:

By email -

By telephone: 0797 6292836

By post : Liz Sheard, c/o Planning Policy, The North York Moors National Park Authority, The Old Vicarage, Bondgate, Helmsley, North Yorkshire YO62 5BP.

A Core Document Library has been prepared. This contains all relevant material relating to Plan preparation prior to the submission stage.

Procedural Guidance on Local Plan Examinations is available from the Planning Inspectorate.

Examination news

3 March 2020

Consultation on Main Modifications has now closed. No more comments will be accepted.

17 February 2020

The Schedule of Main Modifications is available for consultation. The closing date for comments is 5.00p.m. on Thursday 2 April.

6 November 2019. All Hearing Statements are available.

Matter 1 - Legal Compliance.

No Statements

Matter 2 - Communities - Strategic Policy M (Housing) / Policies CO6 - CO20.

10. Edwardson Associates.

16. The Home Builders Federation.

21. The Mulgrave Estate.

Matter 3 - Strategic Approach - Strategic Policies A to D.

10. Edwardson Associates.

21. The Mulgrave Estate.

29. Sirius Minerals

Matter 4 - The Environment - Strategic Policies E to H/Policies ENV1 - 8.

10. Edwardson Associates.

21. The Mulgrave Estate.

29. Sirius Minerals

Matter 5 - The Historic Environment - Strategic Policy I/Policies UE1 - UE4.

10. Edwardson Associates.

21. The Mulgrave Estate.

Matter  6 - Understanding and Enjoyment  - Strategic Policy J/Policies ENV9 - ENV15.

10. Edwardson Associates.

21. The Mulgrave Estate.

Matter 7 - Business and Land Management - Strategic Policy K/Policies BL1 - BL12.

10. Edwardson Associates.

21. The Mulgrave Estate.

29. Sirius Minerals

Matter 8 - Strategic Policy L/Policies CO1 - CO5.

Matter 5 - The Historic Environment - Strategic Policy I/Policies UE1 - UE4.

21. The Mulgrave Estate.

5 November 2019. The Authority has suggested additional modifications to be plan following the Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions. These are in addition to those suggested at the submission stage. Both sets are shown in a new tracked changes version of the Plan.

4 November 2019. The latest Hearings Programme is now available.

18 October 2019. The Authority's Responses to the Inspector's Matters, Issues and Questions have been added to the document library:

18/10/19 EXMIQ1 NYMNPA Response to Matter 1 - Legal Compliance

18/10/19 EXMIQ2 NYMNPA Response to Matter 2 -Communities - Strategic Policy M & Policies CO6-CO20

18/10/19 EXMIQ3 NYMNPA Response to Matter 3 - Strategic Approach - Strategic Policies A to D

18/10/19 EXMIQ4 NYMNPA Response to Matter 4 - Environment - Strategic Policies E-H and Policies ENV1-8

18/10/19 EXMIQ5 NYMNPA Response to Matter 5 - The Historic Environment - Strategic Policy I  Policies ENV9-15

18/10/19 EXMIQ6 NYMNPA Response to Matter 6 - Understanding and Enjoyment - Strategic Policy J  Policies UE1-4

18/10/19 EXMIQ7 NYMNPA Response to Matter 7 - Business & Land Management - Strategic Policy K & Policies BL1-BL12

18/10/19 EXMIQ8 NYMNPA Response to Matter 8 - Communities - Strategic Policy L & Policies CO1 - CO5

18 Ocober 2019. Updated Housing Land Availability Assessment and October Update added. The report is as submitted but housing completions data is updated to include the year 2018/19 (including the housing trajectory). The update shows progress on Rural Exception Sites and includesup to date land supply information.

11 October 2019. Officer's Extension Survey Report (EB009) (in support of Policy CO17) has been added to the Core Document Library. LP009, the Adopted North York Moors Local Plan, 2003 has been added in support of Policy ENV14

10 October 2019. CP005d Draft Minerals and Waste Joint Plan - Schedule of Main Modifications - edited January 2019 has been added to the Core Document Library.

24 September 2019. A draft hearings programme is available. The Authority also has issued its Notice of Hearings Statement as required under Regulation 24 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) Regulations 2012, and circulated this to those who commented at Pre-Submission stage.

11 September 2019. The Inspector's Examination Guidance Notes and Matters, Issues and Questions for the Examination have been published. These are also available in the Core Document Library.