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Planning advice notes

Thornton le Dale by Mike KIplingThornton le Dale by Mike KIpling

The distinctive character of the National Park depends on its wealth of traditional and historic buildings and landscape setting. New development must ensure that their character is preserved or enhanced. Further information about Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings and other planning considerations is given below.

Building conservation

  • Listed Buildings
  • Conservation Areas

Trees and hedgerows

  • Trees in Conservation Areas
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Hedgerow removal
  • Forest tracks


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Planning Advice Notes

The Authority has produced a series of Planning Advice Notes which provide technical information and clarify planning issues on certain subjects. These advice notes are designed to assist applicants in putting proposals together and to guide them through the planning application process.

Planning Advice Note 2 - Planning and Biodiversity (pdf)

Planning Advice Note 5 - Village Design Statements (pdf)

Planning Advice Note 6 - Agricultural, Forestry and Recreational Tracks (pdf)

Planning Advice Note - Agricultural and Other Essential Rural Workers' Dwellings (pdf)

Planning Advice Note 7 - Neighbourhood Plans (pdf)

Planning Advice Note 8 - Oil and Gas Exploration, Appraisal and Production (pdf)

Planning Advice Note - Householder Extensions (pdf)

Standards and guidance for historic building recording

Useful links

Supplementary Planning Documents - Information about design, landscaping, trees, renewable energy and housing