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Trees and hedgerows

Trees and hedgerows are an integral part of the character of the North York Moors and are often highly valued for their amenity and historic value.

Many trees in the National Park are protected either by being in a Conservation Area or by a Tree Preservation Order.

If you are planning tree work, such as planting or felling trees or removing hedgerows, there are certain legal requirements you'll need to consider.

The felling of trees often concerns people (such as neighbours or local residents), so it's helpful to discuss the matter first with National Park staff and to inform the Parish Council and the Forestry Commission, even if you think you're not required to by law.

The links below will take you to pages designed to help you but if you are unsure please call the Conservation Department, on 01439 772700.

How do I find out if the tree is protected?

Visit our Trees in Conservation Areas page.

Visit our Tree Preservation Orders page.

Visit our Hedgerow Removal page.

Important Information

The felling of trees is controlled by the Forestry Commission and you may need a Felling Licence to fell growing trees.

The National Park Authority must receive notification of the intention to alter or create new forest tracks.

Where trees and hedgerows are on an SSSI, work may require the consent of Natural England.

Public registers

Since the beginning of 2019 applications and notifications to carry out work on protected trees and to remove hedgerows, and subsequent decisions, can be seen on our Planning Portal - click here

Useful links

Felling licences on the Forestry Commission website


Conservation Department
T: 01439 772700