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Trees in Conservation Areas

Trees in Conservation AreaTrees in Conservation Area

There are currently 42 Conservation Areas in the North York Moors National Park and most of the trees in them are protected by law.

In most cases, if you wish to fell or cut back a tree in a Conservation Area you must give 6 weeks notice to the National Park Authority if the tree is over 75mm diameter (this is the diameter of trunk and when measured 1.5 metres above ground level). There are certain exceptions to the need to give notice - for example, if the tree is dead or if you are intending to remove dead branches. 

It is in an owner's interest to consult with the National Park Authority before carrying out emergency work on a tree in a Conservation Area because unauthorised work could result in prosecution.

You may also need a Felling Licence from the Forestry Commission.

How do I give notice?

You must provide a clear description of the work proposed and identify the trees affected. You can print off and complete the form and return it to the address below or use the online planning application form on the National Planning Portal. (There is no fee for using the Trees in Conservation Area process).

Details supplied should be clear enough to identify the tree or trees to be felled or managed and should specify clearly what work will be done.

What happens next?

Trees are normally inspected and you will receive a written reply within the notification period.

Parish Councils are also notified of proposals.

After the 6 week notification period, if no Tree Preservation Order has been served, you may carry out the work providing it is done within two years of your notice.

Recent and Current Notifications

You can look for notifications of work to Trees in Conservation Areas within the North York Moors National Park by going onto our Planning Portal - click here and follow the instructions provided. To see only Trees in Conservation Areas search on %/WTCA in the Search by Application Number box.

Please note that this only works for notifications received after January 2019.

Useful links and information to download

Notification Form for proposed works to trees in a Conservation Area (pdf)

Further guidance on applying to do work to protected trees (pdf)

Design Guide Part 3: Trees and Landscape North York Moors National Park Authority (pdf)

Felling licences - Forestry Commission website

Map showing Conservation Areas within the North York Moors National Park 

Planning Practice Guidance

Online Form - available on the National Planning Portal website 


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