Botton Historic Area Assessment

Botton is a widely dispersed settlement at the head of Danby Dale which is managed by the Camphill Village Trust and Esk Valley Camphill Community. These registered charities have provided people with learning disabilities the opportunity to live and work within a largely self-sufficient community since 1955.

The varied architectural character of the village is attributed to buildings from different periods, ranging from vernacular farmsteads and dwellings to the modern Steiner style buildings associated with the Camphill movement. This has resulted in a dispersed settlement with accommodation and facilities in eight neighbourhood areas all with individual characters, set within 600 acres of agricultural land, gardens, and planted woodland. Given the area’s history, its unique architectural character, and its contribution to the landscape within the National Park, the Authority considered that a specific character appraisal for Botton Village would be useful to inform future applications for the area. The preparation of an appraisal was also recommended in the supporting text to Policy CO9 – Botton Village.

In 2021 the Authority undertook a Historic Area Assessment which assessed the origins and development of the settlement (from early occupation up to recent developments) and provides a detailed architectural assessment including styles, materials, details and landscaping.

On the 30 March 2023 Members approved the draft assessment for public consultation. The consultation was carried out between the 6 April to the 19 May 2023.

The Authority is currently collating the public comments made on the draft assessment and will be publishing a final version over the coming months. The final draft will go back to Planning Committee for approval and adoption.

Position as of October 2023.

Botton Historic Area Assessment

Committee report

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