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Rosedale Abbey
Steep and winding routes on either side of the dale, including Chimney Bank, lead down to the village of Rosedale Abbey, a popular target for country walks. Although quiet now, a flourishing ironstone industry transformed Victorian Rosedale – see the massive stone kilns and other relics on the line of the former mineral railway, above the village.

Land of Iron
Land of Iron tells the fascinating story of this trailblazing period of industrial growth and exploitation. The project will conserve and protect some of the most iconic structures and landscapes that remain, help nurture the wildlife that has reclaimed these spaces, and ensure this important part of our history is not forgotten.

A 7-mile walk in Rosedale, in the North York Moors National Park, with downloadable route guide

Guided walks and experiences
Don’t want to read a map? Or maybe you’d like to meet new people while enjoying the great outdoors. Or how about joining one of our Ranger's walks or a local on a walk of discovery reaching the parts that others miss? Be spooked on a ghost walk, or discover the dark secrets of the smugglers... From our fishing heritage to wildlife, you'll have an unforgettable experience on any of these walks.

Rosedale Mineral Railway
A 1-mile easy access walk in Rosedale, in the North York Moors National Park, with downloadable route guide

Festivals and events
Walking festivals in and around the North York Moors Pull or take on a challenge with one of the many annual fundraising events organised by the local Long Distance Walkers Association groups, the two Mountain Rescue teams for the North York Moors area, local Boys' Brigade and Scouts groups, and other charities.

Activity providers & centres
Want to improve your outdoor skills or to try something new? With plenty of experts on hand, and loads of accommodation suitable for groups, the North York Moors is a fantastic place for a group getaway, team building trip or organised holiday activities for the kids.

Winter is a season that can bring snow to the uplands, leading to sunny, crisp, winter days that really highlight our big sky views. We recommend warm clothing, shorter walks and finding a cosy spot in one of the North York Moors many traditional pubs and coffee shops, with hearty food, beer, or a steaming mug of hot chocolate and often a roaring fire.

Danby Dale, Blakey and Westerdale
A 16-mile walk to Danby Dale, Blakey Rigg and Westerdale, part of the Esk Valley Walk in the North York Moors National Park, with downloadable route guide


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