Safe cycling

Exploring the National Park on two wheels is an exhilarating and a wonderful way to experience the varied landscapes in the North York Moors. Here's a quick guide to staying safe and respecting others whilst enjoying the ride. #ShareWithCare

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On the right track

Only cycle on blue bridleways, not yellow footpaths

  • There are four types of rights of way including hundreds of kilometres of bridleways and byways to ride on
  • If you download a route, check it’s legal or that you have permission
  • You may see similar colours for graded cycle routes at trail centres. They're different to public rights of way
Give way to walkers and horse riders 
Share the trail

Give way to walkers and horse riders

  • Let others know you’re there with a bell or a call
  • Leave gates as you find them. Open gates may be for access or livestock
  • Control your speed on busy trails, at junctions, bends and blind spots. Watch out for livestock and wildlife too
  • Stay safe, don’t race. Rights of way are not suitable for race or challenges
  • Be nice, say Hi. We’re all here to enjoy the outdoors together
Keep singletrack single and stay on the trail 
Trail care

Keep singletrack single and stay on the trail

  • You help to avoid erosion by staying on track
  • Avoid excessively wet and boggy areas in bad weather to help the trails recover. Consider using a trail centre as they're designed for all-season riding
  • Report any problems or damage on rights of way to the National Park
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Keep it clean

Don’t give pests or diseases an easy ride

  • Clean and wash your bike after every ride, onsite if possible, or at home before your next ride
  • A hose, brush and bike cleaner is all it takes and also helps maintain your bike
  • Leave no trace. Be an eco-warrior, not just a weekend warrior. Take your litter home with you
Plan ahead and make sure you’re equipped 
Be prepared

Plan ahead and make sure you’re equipped

  • Make sure your bike is well maintained and carry some basic spares such as multi tool, inner tube and pump. See our cycle repair stations.
  • Tell somebody where you’re going and what time you’ll be back
  • Make sure you have the right clothing should the weather change
  • Take plenty of food and drink for the length/duration of ride. Stop off at a cycling friendly cafĂ©
Ask permission icon 
Ask permission

It's illegal to build or alter trails without landowner consent

  • Altering or building trails can disturb wildlife and destroy natural habitats
  • You must seek permission from the landowner before carrying out any work
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