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Each year, we commission Global Tourism Solutions (UK) Ltd. to estimate the economic impact of tourism in the National Park and surrounding area of influence, through the use of STEAM (Scarborough Tourism Economic Activity Monitor).

STEAM uses locally-derived data from a variety of sources including tourist information centres, visitor attractions and events, accommodation bedstocks and occupancy rates. Data is analysed to produce estimates of the number of visitors, visitor days, employment supported by tourism, and revenue generated.

It is not designed to provide a precise and accurate measurement of tourism in a local area, but rather to provide an indicative base for monitoring trends. The confidence level of the model is calculated to be within the ranges of plus or minus 10% in respect of the yearly outputs and plus or minus 5% in respect of trend. Through the STEAM model, we are able to look at underlying trends stretching back to 1992.

STEAM 2022

Download the summary infographic report (pdf) for 2022, outlining tourism trends for the National Park and its Influence Area.

This summary includes two year trend data (for 2022 and 2021) following the introduction of Airbnb data. Direct comparisons pre-2021 are not valid but can be used for more general trends. For example page 7 compares 2022 data with 2019 i.e. pre-covid.

STEAM infographic 2022

Headline figures for 2022
  • A total of £915.5 million was generated directly and indirectly within the local economy through visitor and tourism business expenditure
  • 8.7 million tourism visits to the North York Moors National Park
  • 14.2 million visitor days and nights generated by visitors
  • 6.9 million tourism visits made by day visitors
  • Day visits to the North York Moors National Park generated £301 million for the local economy
  • 1.85 million visits were made by visitors staying within the area as part of a holiday or short break, generating 7.3 million nights in local accommodation
  • In total, staying visitors generate a total economic impact of £614m million for local businesses and communities
  • On average, visitors staying in the North York Moors spend 3.9 nights in the area and spend a total of £185 million on local accommodation
  • Visitor activity and spend supports more than 11,076 full time equivalent jobs locally
Trends 2019-2022 (including Airbnb data)

The addition of Airbnb data has increased the non-serviced sector by around 9%, which illustrates the impact Airbnb has on local accommodation stock.

  • Economic impact +11.7% in 2022 compared to 2019 (including Airbnb)
  • Visitor numbers +4.3%
  • Total Visitor Days and Nights +6.7%

Excluding Airbnb, data suggests the sector has returned to pre-covid levels:

  • Economic impact £879m (+7% on 2019)
  • Visitor numbers 8.7m (+3% on 2019)

You can also access a wealth of information on visitors to England via VisitBritain’s Research Insights.

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