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W  Hamond in Whitby Credit W HamondW  Hamond in Whitby Credit W Hamond

Unbeknown to many, it's not always the far flung corners of the world where you'll find stunning gemstones. Here in Britain, there's a beautiful intense gemstone that's been a head-turner for centuries, known as Whitby Jet. It's found off the majestic shores of Whitby - Yorkshire's archetypal fishing town - where W Hamond - the Original Whitby Jet Shop - has been transforming it into desirable jewellery for 150 years.

Located at the top of Whitby's historic Church Street and at the foot of the famous Abbey steps, W Hamond is the town's oldest surviving Whitby Jet Jewellery Shop.

Local man James Storr first opened its doors to an admiring public in 1860, at the height of the town's Jet jewellery and ornament production, which counted Queen Victoria as one of its most distinguished patrons.