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Malton Museum

Malton Museum Credit Malton Museum/Jim VarneyMalton Museum Credit Malton Museum/Jim Varney

The fact that Malton Museum is tucked away in the Subscription Rooms on Yorkersgate in the heart of the charming market town of Malton belies the importance of the collections held there, which are of international significance. 

As the area's pre-eminent archaeological museum, it holds a vast collection of artefacts dating back to Malton’s Roman past, when a fort was located in the area, as well as items from Langton Villa, a Roman villa located just a few miles away. These unique snapshots of the area’s Roman past are brought to life with a regular programme of fun, interactive activities for younger visitors. 

Malton Museum’s collection also features objects relating to the area’s prehistoric past, as well as items belonging to more recent periods in history, including artifacts connected with horse racing, brewing and other aspects of local life.


There are two steps at the front door, which make access for wheelchairs and disabled people difficult.

There are no toilet facilities and there is no disabled parking nearby.