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Milky Way and Perseid Meteor shower Sutton Bank (c) Russ Norman PhotographyMilky Way and Perseid Meteor shower Sutton Bank (c) Russ Norman Photography

The big open skies of the North York Moors are breathtaking by day and also by night when the dark sky panorama is revealed.  

This is one of the best places in the country to see stars, because of the low light pollution levels and clear horizons. From a town or city you'll be lucky to spot more than a handful of stars but the further away you get from street lights, the better the view – in the darkest areas of the National Park you can spy up to 2,000 at any one time.

We  have three Dark Skies Discovery sites, The Moors National Park Centre, Sutton Bank National Park Centre and Dalby Observatories in Dalby Forest, nationally recognised places that are dark and easily accessible, and where it’s possible to see the Milky Way with a naked eye. There are plenty of Dark Skies Friendly businesses and other places to enjoy all our night skies have to offer too.

Embark on your dark skies adventure...

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