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A Broad Canvas

A Broad CanvasA Broad Canvas

Thursday 19 July to Tuesday 28 August

Free entry: 10am to 5pm, August 9.30am to 5.30pm

Meet the Artists and Demonstrations: Saturday 23 July, 2pm to 4pm

Artwave North, a diverse group of mixed-media artists based in Darlington, respond to the life, landscape and majesty of the North York Moors.

Alison Gall
Alison took up painting when she retired and is inspired by the beautiful surrounding countryside, local landscapes and seascapes, as well as those she experiences when away from home. She has recently taken up stilllife painting and enjoys those compositions too. Alison's favourite medium is oil paint, but also likes using soft pastels and gouache. 

Jenny Green
Jenny finds painting an oasis of peace in a busy life. She has experimented with various media and particularly enjoy oils and watercolours. 

Beverley Haines
Art has always been part of Beverley's life, but only in the background until she retired. Then, she started taking painting courses at the Arts Centre in Darlington. From there, Beverley enrolled in the Foundation Course at Cleveland College of Art and Design in Middlesbrough. Once this was completed, she went on to study for her degree - BA (Hons) at Teeside University. She is now a member of Artwave North and Open Arts Group, both in Darlington, both of which she enjoys enormously. 

Dee Harland
Sketching and drawing have been a passion since childhood. Dee also enjoys painting in a wide variety of mediums and continue to explore and experiment in both media and subject matter. Dee has in the past 18 months discovered a passion for pottery and an ability to throw on the potter’s wheel. She is beginning to develop her own style, using stoneware for its strength, durability and longevity. Recently Dee has begun to use porcelain, which has very different qualities to stoneware and is thoroughly enjoying exploring and testing both materials, sometimes combining the two. 

Sheila Harris
The College of Art in Sheila's home town of Hartlepool used to beckon in her teenage years. Unfortunately, a ‘proper job’ with a regular salary won the day. However my creative side always bubbled beneath he surface and over the years Sheila has made several forays into the visual arts including drawing, painting and photography In the past she has had works exhibited as a member of various groups at venues in Darlington where she now lives and, since joining Artwave North, has sold several paintings and drawings at group exhibitions in the North East. Sheila draws inspiration mostly from the natural beauty of the North East of England, including the hills, moors and coastline. She continues to explore various media including the hills, moors and coastline and explores various media including oils, pastels, pencils, ink and acrylic. 

Chris Higgins
The years spent completing my Fine Art degree in 2012, improved my drawing and painting skills and challenged my motivation. After graduating, I felt freer to explore without justification, especially in the moorland landscape. Here I present it as theatre and develop sets exploring wood and water. The collection is drawn from the woods around Falling Foss, May Beck and Sneaton Woods. 

Anna Linford
Anna was born on the sunny Italian island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples. For the past few years she has been painting in various mediums, always trying to recapture the light, memories and atmosphere of her surroundings, wherever they may be. 

Anthony MagrysAnthony's formal art education ended in the second year of Secondary School. He exhibited at the award winning Lindisfarne Gospel Exhibition in Durham during the summer of 2013. 

Nugent (Kolbe)
I worked from my studio in Chelsea, London in the 70s and 80s and worked at the Lisson Gallery in London. For ten years I taught AS photography and Film. I then started the “Camera Obscura Photo Theatre” workshops in the North East and around the country as well as abroad.I also began working on a Memory-Video project in Darlington. In between, I continued my interest in ceramics and painting. 

Tilly Shaw
Following an inspiring US Diploma course in the 1980s Tilly embarked on running workshops from home, teaching ceramics and glazing techniques, and with a business partner, ran her own gallery. She paints what appeals to her and work from inspiration, imagination and photos. She loves the coast and started collecting driftwood which Tilly reinvents and recycles to make quirky miniature 3D harbours and quayside, complete with Quaint cottages, chimneys, boats and buoys 

Jan Teasdale
Jan has always had a passion for art - from the restrictions of working as a graphic artist in industry through the ‘freezing up’ process of a Fine Art Degree - she now enjoys it as a means of self expression..inspired by places visited and fleeting moments caught on camera. 

Peter Stewart
Taught locally for many years and discovered the joy of painting in retirement. 

Pauline Young
Told as a teenager that art was not a useful subject to study, Pauline lived a sensible life until she retired. Now with child-like enthusiasm, she explores all kinds of mediums - paint, clay, fibres, textiles - to capture memories of the Northern landscape, from Iona to Lindisfarne and Minster Acres to the Yorkshire Dales.