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One Moor Year

Friday 31 July to Monday 24 August

Robin Puplett's paintings capture the drama of the seasons, views and landscapes of the North York Moors over a calendar year.

Robin Puplett

Robin Puplett spent many years travelling and living aboard before finally settling down in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, with his wife and two young children.

Classically trained in both fine art and graphic design, his preferred medium is acrylic on canvas although he also enjoys working with oils or pencil.

Robin draws his inspiration from the scenes, landscapes and skies of the North York Moors, and can often be found up on the hills or out in the villages sketching and photographing, always looking for the little details or big skies that make North Yorkshire such a wonderful place to live.

Robin enjoyed a sell-out exhibition at the Spectrum Gallery in Thirsk (May 2014) and was on the shortlist for the ‘Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year’ award. His latest work reflects the dramatic visual changes in the North York Moors from month to month, season to season, based on visits over a full calendar year.

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