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Whispers and Secrets

Friday 16 October to Wednesday 11 November

Phil Cornelius

Phil was born on the edge of the English Lake District which probably explains his affinity with mountains and wild places. He began walking the fells at the age of 12 and climbing the crags while still at school.

A teenager in the 1960s, he soon learned that you could travel just about anywhere at any time. All you needed was a thumb and a friendly smile. As a student he hitchhiked across the USA on Route 66 and was later shot at in Canada while trying to hop on a freight train.

Since then, his travels and his photography have taken him to all seven continents including both polar regions. Initially, photography was simply an extension of his travels, then a means of financing further travels.

Now he says:

“It’s just something that I do and don’t know how to stop”.

Phil has lived on the edge of the North York Moors since the mid-1980s and while he has photographed all over the world, he still believes his local work to be his most important.

It takes a long time to build a relationship with an area as diverse as the North York Moors National Park. He says, “It’s a wild, fascinating place with a unique atmosphere,
reflected in the mist and the ever-changing light. I try hard to distil something of this remote, ethereal quality into my images”.

Phil is constantly looking for new inspiration, which he finds in abundance in this area so rich in culture and heritage. His latest work reflects the importance of architecture in the landscape.

Chris Jones

Chris Jones learned to make candles while attending teacher-training college in the early 1970s and became a full time candle maker in Hutton le Hole in 1996.

Chris sees candle-making as an art form and enjoys experimenting with different colours and textures.

The colours of his candles are inspired by the all-embracing natural beauty of the North York Moors, while their textures reflect modern ceramic glazes. By using high-quality materials, the candles are also very slow (and clean) burning.

One of the most common things said about Chris’s candles is that they are “too nice to burn”. Although complimentary, Chris feels this attitude completely misses the point. A good candle comes to life when lit in a way that it never does when simply sat on the mantelpiece.