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This Land. Our Home

North York Moors' landscapeNorth York Moors' landscape

The North York Moors is a spectacular landscape of stunning moorland, ancient woodlands and a picturesque coastline. It's also a thriving place where thousands of people live and work.

‘This Land. Our Home.’ is a series of articles written by our communications officer Charlie Fox that explore the wildlife and people who live and work here, taking a closer look at some of these passionate individuals who cherish, protect and call this land their home.

Musician turned environmental guardian

Samantha Lewsey Credit Charlie Fox

A former academic and musician is now taking strides towards the protection and conservation of bats, as well as some of our oldest living trees. We also reflect on the different aspects of the tree and how we can seek comfort in the texture of the bark or the frail suspension of a branch.

Saving the 'diamonds' of the landscape

Ryan Harvey Credit Charlie Fox

For many, diamonds represent rarity, beauty and perfection, but for two dedicated conservationists, Chris Watt and Ryan Harvey, it is our National Parks that represent such qualities. Charlie joins them on a site visit to the River Esk to learn more about their work to turn the tide on our increasingly nature-depleted world.

The wisdom of nature

Woodland near Boggle Hole ©VisitBritainMelody Thornton

This piece explores how, with the appropriate attention, we can find wisdom, consolation and serenity in aspects of the natural world, such as our vast expanse of heather moorland.

Protecting the elusive water vole

Water vole

Follow the work of our Natural Heritage Officer Sam Newton and his efforts to save the water voles. We also explore how, like Sam, we can develop empathy towards creatures we hardly, if ever, see.

Bid to save turtle doves

Turtle dove by Richard Bennett

Follow the dedicated work of Richard Baines, our Turtle Dove Project Officer in this article exploring his efforts to save the UK’s fastest declining bird. We also delve deeper into the significant role birds play within our daily lives.