Our woodland work

The North York Moors is one of the most wooded of England's National Parks, covering about 23 percent of the landscape – that’s over 300 square kilometres of trees!

We're working to increase this percentage by creating better connected and more resilient woodland habitats through:

  • woodland creation
  • existing woodland and ancient tree management
  • ancient woodland restoration.
Graphical map showing woodland cover across the North York Moors National Park
Map showing woodland cover across the National Park

Projects and grants

Explore our work including the funded grants we offer to farmers, land owners and land managers to support woodland creation and restoration.

Our aim

Over the next 100 years we're working to create 7,000 ha of new native woodland - that's over 5 million trees!

Download our Tree and Woodland Strategy 2023
Plant 5 million trees by 2100

Plant 5 million trees by 2100

Restore 4,500 hectares

Restore 4,500 hectares

Enhance woodland biodiversity

Enhance woodland biodiversity

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