Woodland creation

Between 2000 and 2017, the North York Moors National Park saw the planting of over 150 ha of low density wood pasture/parkland and over 560 ha of new native woodland; that equates to the planting of over 622,400 native trees!

In 2017 we embarked on an ambitious project, funded through the Woodsmith Mine development, to create 7,000 ha of new native woodland over 100 years.

To date, tree planting projects are averaging a planting density of approximately 800 trees per hectare so this would mean we’d plant over 5 million trees! This will increase woodland cover from 23% to 25% of the National Park.

Man digging away grass from the top of the soil. Credit Charlie Fox.Close up of hand planting sapling in the ground. Credit Charlie Fox.

Woodland Creation Grant

We are always looking for opportunities to create woodland and currently run an ambitious Woodland Creation Grant. If you have a woodland creation project in mind that is over 1 hectare (2.4 acres) in size and comprises of native trees, please contact our Woodland Creation Officer.

Contact: Sam Newton, Woodland Creation Officer
T: 01439 772574
Discover more by heading to our Woodland Creation Grant page

Woodland creation projects are considered carefully by National Park Officers and each project undergoes a series of checks to ensure that the right trees are planted in the right place. These include field visits and consultations such as:

  • Ecology
  • Archaeology
  • Access
  • Parish Council

Man planting a young sapling in a field. Credit Charlie Fox.Man planting a young sapling in a field. Credit Charlie Fox.

Plastics and tree planting

Nationally there is a drive in the woodland sector to identify alternative tree shelters that don’t contain plastics but unfortunately a suitable alternative has yet to become available on the market that will give adequate protection.

We are continuing working towards the removal and recycling of plastic tree shelters from previous woodland creation sites. All our woodland creation agreements require that landowners remove and recycle plastic tree shelters when the woodland is deemed as established.

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