Harriet Air Farm and Ristbrow Farm

Project awarded £38,422.71

Harriet Air and Ristbrow are farms run by a local farming family. Farming in Protected Llandscapes funding enabled new stock fencing adjacent to the River Rye and the installation of a solar powered water pump and a water trough on hardstanding.

Group of people inspecting a water trough.Man and young child stood next to a water pump near a river.

Excluding stock from the river will reduce bankside erosion allowing it to become a more diverse and habitat rich area and reduce sediment entering the river improving water quality.

FiPL funding also supported the planting and gapping up of 2.5km of hedges, with fencing. These hedges will provide habitat for small mammals and farmland birds and essential shelter for their livestock.

Management Plan

This projects supports the following Management Plan objectives:

Icon representing different species in a life cycleOutcome 2: A nature rich, more biodiverse landscape

Objective 6: Create bigger, better and more joined-up habitats, with nature-rich wildlife corridors extending beyond the National Park boundaries.

Icon showing a circular maze.Outcome 5: A place that supports a diverse and innovative low carbon economy

Objective 19: Maintain a strong and viable farming and land management community that delivers more for climate, nature, people and place.

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