Farming in Protected Landscapes

National Parks and National Landscapes are special and unique places. They are living, working landscapes that also support a huge range of habitats and species, and they are enjoyed by millions of people every year.

Here in the North York Moors National Park, farming greatly influences the management of the landscape, supporting important habitats and wildlife, and helping to sustain tourism. Unusually for an upland National Park, all farming sectors are represented, with some 20% of farmland being arable. Many of our distinctive landscape features such as dry stone walls, hedgerows, grasslands and woodlands are dependent on farming practices.

Farmers and landowners want to farm productively and manage the landscape in a way which is good for climate, nature, people and place.

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Explore these pages to learn about the Defra-funded Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme (July 2021 to March 2025) intended to help farmers and other land managers adapt to future changes in agricultural support, as well as a range of other objectives to benefit nature, climate, people and place.

You can also get in touch with a member of our team:

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Rebecca Thompson (Head of Farming and Land Management)
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Achievements 2022/23

Discover some of the key achievements from the second year of the programme (2022/23 financial year).

Download our 2022-2023 report
24 projects improving soil conditions

24 projects improving soil conditions

4,621 trees planted

4,621 trees planted

£788,853 allocated to projects

£788,853 allocated to projects

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