Tree Top Press

Project awarded £17,824.48

Farming in Protected Landscapes funding has enabled this enterprising couple to further develop their business and deliver multiple outcomes at Tree Top Press.

The vision

“We want to share our skills, knowledge and experience in regenerative no-dig agriculture to promote the future of sustainable farming and small-scale diverse businesses within the North York Moors National Park, whilst boosting biodiversity.”

- Ruby Tildsley of Tree Top Press

Market garden with a newly created pond on a slope in the distance.Group of people inspecting the crop from a market garden.

FiPL funding was used to increase biodiversity and wildlife habitat by creating a series of ponds and scrapes, to provide a learning and education space in a newly constructed polytunnel and to improve field track access to enable disabled access to the polytunnel, on a regenerative no-dig market garden site.

A key aim of the project is to foster a love of nature and the environment in young children. Creating the ponds and scrapes is a simple and highly effective way to create rich habitat for freshwater wildlife. A local school will be involved in recording the colonisation of the site providing an exciting and unique opportunity to watch first-hand, the re-wetting of a site and witness the first years of naturalisation.

‘I hadn’t appreciated before how much work you have put into the land to boost biodiversity and wildlife, alongside growing food.

"To see such a transformation from a derelict plot to a well organised mix of diverse habitats and food growing plots and polytunnels, occupying the whole of the 2.5 acres, in just 5 years is evidence of Ruby and Adam's dynamic work ethic.’

- Feedback from visitors

Management Plan

This projects supports the following Management Plan objectives:

Icon representing different species in a life cycleOutcome 2: A nature rich, more biodiverse landscape

Objective 6: Create bigger, better and more joined-up habitats, with nature-rich wildlife corridors extending beyond the National Park boundaries.

Icon showing a circular maze.Outcome 5: A place that supports a diverse and innovative low carbon economy

Objective 19: Maintain a strong and viable farming and land management community that delivers more for climate, nature, people and place.

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