Wildslack Farm

Project awarded  £30,842

This varied project benefits the farm and local area in many ways. An innovative frozen food vending machine means that local people and visitors using the farm campsite can buy local produce at a time convenient to them.

Large vending machine for farm produce at Wildslack Farm.

Man standing on top of a newly installed rainwater harvester next to a barn.The livestock feeding area, once open to the elements, is now covered preventing dirty water from entering nearby water courses.

Rather than causing problems, the rainfall is now collected in the collection tank fed by the new roof, reducing the farm’s reliance on mains water.

In a nearby field a new hedge has been planted to create a wildlife corridor between two existing habitats.

Management Plan

This projects supports the following management plan objective:

Icon showing a circular maze.Outcome 1: A place that supports a diverse and innovative low carbon economy

Objective 19: Maintain a strong and viable farming and land management community that delivers more for climate, nature, people and place.

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