Article 4 Directions

Article 4 Directions remove certain permitted development rights.

Owners of dwelling houses need to apply for Planning Permission to carry out any of the following work on an elevation fronting a highway1, water way or open space2 in an area with an Article 4 (2) Direction and on any elevation in areas with an Article 4 (1) Direction.

1 A highway is defined as any public right of way.

2 Open spaces include gap sites, large gardens or orchards, fields, greens or commons and spaces at the entrance of the Conservation Area.

  1. The construction, alteration or demolition of a chimney.
  2. Any other changes to a roof including changes to the design, materials or profile e.g. changing pantiles to concrete tiles, installing roof lights, changing a slate roof with diminishing courses to a plain slate roof.
  3. The installation of a satellite dish or satellite aerial on a roof, chimney or wall.
  4. The construction of a porch or other extension.
  5. The painting of previously unpainted elevations e.g. painting brick, stone or timber walls.
  6. The alteration of guttering or rainwater goods and the installation of fascia boards e.g. loss of gutter spikes and hoppers, change from cast iron to plastic.
  7. Alterations to the appearance style and method of opening of doors and windows e.g. changing sliding sash windows to top hung, mock sash windows, changing timber doors/windows to plastic, changing the profile of reveals or cills, increasing the width or altering the profile of glazing bars, removing paint and staining windows and doors, paining untreated doors and window.
  8. The erection, alteration or removal of a wall, fence or gate.

Please note:

Consent is not required for maintenance work, like for like repairs or like for like replacement.

Conservation Areas with an Article 4 (1) Direction

An Article 4 (1) Direction applies to all elevations:

  • Helmsley (excluding the Elmslac Estate which is an Article 4 (2) Direction, see below)
  • Staithes (provisions 5 & 6 do not apply)

Conservation Areas with an Article 4 (2) Direction

An Article 4 (2) Direction applies to elevations fronting a highway, water way or important open space:

  • Aislaby
  • Ampleforth
  • Appleton le Moors
  • Boltby
  • Carlton in Cleveland
  • Castleton
  • Cold Kirby
  • Coxwold
  • Egton
  • Egton Bridge
  • Fylingthorpe
  • Gillamoor
  • Hawnby
  • Helmsley (the Elmslac Estate)
  • Hutton Buscel
  • Hutton le Hole
  • Hutton Lowcross (only part of the Conservation Area is affected)
  • Kepwick
  • Kilburn
  • Lastingham
  • Lealholm
  • Levisham
  • Lockton
  • Lythe
  • Nether Silton
  • Old Byland
  • Osmotherley
  • Oswaldkirk
  • Rievaulx
  • Robin Hood’s Bay
  • Rosedale Abbey
  • Runswick Bay (only provisions 1,2,3 and 5 apply)
  • Sinnington
  • Swainby
  • Thimbleby
  • Thornton le Dale
  • West/East Ayton


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