Ady Wright

After fifteen years in the British Army, Ady sustained a severe injury whilst on active service. His military career fell apart and after sessions of surgery, a course of rehabilitation began. Suffering from deep depression and after trying various therapies, the darkness did not lift.

One day, a therapist, bought him an ALDI painting kit costing £4.99. That humble box of cheap pigments, brushes and paper, kick-started his creative journey. To sweep pigment across canvas felt so natural; this new way to express himself was simply wonderful.

Ady then shut himself away from the world for eight years and set up a tiny studio in the hallway of his house and painted and painted. Through those years, his grasp and appreciation of other artists took root. Absorbing countless books and ‘how to’ videos on YouTube, the wonder of painting and art filled his life. Concealing his work and keeping it from the gaze of those not close to him, eventually his doctor, of his own volition arranged an introduction to the Inspired by… gallery and he was offered a solo exhibition. The show was a total sellout and, what’s more, the local papers picked up the story and BBC Look North did an interview. His solitary artist life was at an end.

At the outset, all Ady sought was sound mental health, but art has  suffused all aspects of his being. Although he’s less mobile, he finds more joy and contentment as an artist, than he knew in his former life.

George oil on canvas by Ady Wright

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